June 1, 2010

Well the hope was that I would have my dossier submitted by June 1.  Clearly that is not happening.  I am still waiting on my 171H to arrive so regardless of the Kaz Hold, my dossier wouldn’t be ready.  Just as soon as that 171H arrives, I’m getting my medical redone and then sending everything off to get apostilled.  Hmph…  Then send it off for translation and wait… wait patiently for Kaz to say send in your dossiers….  I have never been good with Limbo.  I am not a super planner…. Basically I just need to know when I get somewhere and when I am there I can sort of go with the flow.  But since I am presently NOWHERE official with the adoption sometimes I feel frustrated.  I am pretty convinced that I have an ulcer.  This would be my first ulcer.  I think it is due to getting older and the last 4 years of trying to get somewhere.  It isn’t so bad though, but it hurts and maybe for some it is bad.  Pretty much anytime I eat or drink it triggers the pain …. Then I wonder am I creating the pain because I am thinking about the pain.. hmffff…

In the meantime I plan on finding my happy place.  That place consists of sun, my sofa, trash television and personally taste testing every wine at Trader Joes 🙂  Yesterday was Memorial Day and we went to the swim and raquet club.  It was packed and they had a DJ going and it was a good time.  I got all dolled up.. I just felt like it.  Maybe it was because I saw Sex & The City 2 the other day and all of the clothes inspired me.  I was working on my inner Diva…  Here she is with Ava at the pool yesterday:

Oh and I finding my inner flaker as well… I am supposed to go to my friends parents 50th anniversary this coming Saturday.  It is a 3 hour drive and you know what… I am totally not feeling it.  I just wanna be home not socializing with 50 people I don’t know.  Only to have 99% of them say.. how come you’re not married??  So I hardly do this, but I will be pulling out my “I’m sick” card.  Which means that in approximately 7 days, I will be sick… because that is ALWAYS how it happens…


3 thoughts on “June 1, 2010

  1. I don’t like being in Limbo either. It’s a sucky place to be. Hoping the dossier gets back to you soon and you can finish your work on it and send it away soon.
    As far as an ulcer? Sometimes they are caused by a bacteria and all you need is an antibiotic. I hope it’s easily taken care of.

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