Questions Answered

Thanks for playing!  I was surprised there weren’t more questions. 

Christina… SOOO nice to meet you!  It is so great to hear that someone has stuck around to watch me all these years!  It really makes me feel great knowing that and thank you 🙂  Christina and Lora both asked about doing on-line dating.  Well back in 1999 I did do it and I met John.  I met a lot of people.  It was a great experience.  The times that John and I were broken up I always went back to M*tch and met some great guys.  Right now… well in all honesty, I was bored one morning and that was how I came across Single Dad.  I saw his picture and thought of him all day and talked to my friend B and my sister and they both said just join and send a note and see what happens.  So I did.  I didn’t find anyone else that interested me at the time because I admit.. I was focused on catching that fish.   I think I may try it again after summertime.  And this time be serious and respond to emails and such.  I only joined for that month but maybe again.  I do know that if you do it, you have to give it attention and time.  So that is why I am thinking September would be a good time…. 

Rebecca (hey girl!) asked if there were any people/agencies that gave me resistance for being single.  I did not get any negative feedback at all and I really thought I might.  I was very nervous about it too.  My agency never even batted an eye.  Nor did the two agencies I talked to.  Regarding people, I think people were actually more accepting of me saying I am adopting than when I would say I was TTC as a Single Mother.  I don’t know why but I got/get that often.  That “oh how wonderful of you”.  Even though it is not wonderful of me it is wonderful FOR me…. If that makes sense?

B…. Oh B how I adore your teasing and wacky ways!  I would prefer a big RED sombrero to take a picture in when in Texas in July 🙂  But since the only sombrero’s I have ever seen are straw and say Chevy’s on them…. I don’t know if they come in red.  So, I will be very happy with any sombrero.. so long as my girls are with me and there to take my picture in it 🙂 

I have another post I am working on so stay tuned …..


3 thoughts on “Questions Answered

  1. I meant to ask you about the photography. Are you self taught? Is having a photography business your dream job? Your photos are so great that I wish you lived close enough that I could hire you. If you are ever on the East coast near Boston let me know!

  2. Ummm..hi. I hate to be a bother. But, where is your newest post?


    patiently waiting

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