July Already!

I can’t believe that almost a month has gone by since I last blogged.  Nothing exciting really going on. A little of this and a little of that. On Monday the 28th I took the trailer and headed off to get a campsite for the 4th of July weekend.  I got there and the place was packed already!  My Godson came down (since the place was near his house) and he and I hung out Monday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon.  At that time, his mom dropped off Ava and Ryan to me and the three of us enjoyed some quality time together.  We swam a lot, we explored, we played animal rescuer and played ToyStory dominos.  We really had fun.  Thursday my friend Julie and her husband and two kids came up.  I was happy to have some adult company.  Thursday night my sister Debbie and her husband John came up (they had been in Vegas for their 10 year anniversary).  We stayed up late Thursday evening laughing and having a good time (sans kiddos… they were pooped and crashed after stories and smores).  Friday my friend Veronica and her husband and kids came up and again, another fun night was had 🙂 We headed home Sunday morning.  The campgrounds were out of control packed and I am not a huge fan of being in a place that many people crammed in….. we had already planned to leave Sunday and boy was I glad about that.. Did I mention I had not showered since Monday?  Seriously driving home all I could think about was getting to soak the layer of dirt off of me!!

Sunday evening (after the best shower of my life) I headed over to my sisters.  Julie, Veronica, Debbie (and families) and I had an impromptu 4th of July BBQ.  We went to Julie’s house (which is across the street from my sisters).  The men set off Fireworks and the ladies and kids enjoyed them.  The guys were all proud until 1/2 mile away someone started an illegal fireworks show that put their little show to shame.  Nonetheless ours was safe and the kids LOVED it.

Monday I went and saw E*clipse and got a pedicure.  Tuesday it was back to work .  Work was and continues to be busy.  I have a 1st birthday photoshoot tomorrow (Sat) and then I am supposed to go to a birthday party for my friend Steph’s twins tomorrow… not feeling like it but I will go.  I know I will have a good time.  Then Sunday it is work on editing pictures.  Next Saturday I have another 1 year old b-day party and then Sunday another photoshoot for a 3 week old.  So overall, I am staying busy.. which is good and bad.

On the adoption front.. nothing new.  I am waiting on a new Dr. Letter since my other one expired and then it is off to apostille.  I did get my first apostilled document back.  I had my accountant who lives in Indiana prepare a letter for me and well I had to have it appostilled in Indiana. So, I sent it off and it came back.  I took a picture of it for my scrapbook.  It made me so happy to see one thing done since lately I am just in a holding pattern…..  Happy Weekend Friends 🙂


2 thoughts on “July Already!

  1. What a fun time (minus the not showering)! How was the Eclipse movie? I saw the last one…who knows if I’ll see this one too…does the Werewolf take his shirt off again? Haha…good to see you back for a little check-in!

  2. OMG… Eclipse was awesome! It really was the best of the movies so far. With New Moon I saw it once and never really cared to see it again. Eclipse was like Twilight to me.. I could watch it over and over. I know I am a dork!!! And that Werewolf.. pretty much shirtless most of this movie (thanks whoever you are director!)

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