Summertime and Getting Focused

On the adoption front, I am down to waiting on ONE revised form.  It would have been done sooner if the lady at the medical records desk told me to fill the paper request form correctly.  I KNEW I wasn’t doing it right.. but I thought well she knows so I should follow her lead… apparently I need to always go with my gut!  So, after I get a cavity filled this morning (just a little one) I will swing by the medical records office and fill the form out again.. the correct way…. Oh well… Once I get it, I am debating whether to spend the extra money and drive the docs to Sacramento and apostille them personally (they charge $6 extra PER FORM to do this) or mail it in and save several hundred dollars.. I did have to apostille one document out of state and I mailed it in and it was back in about 10 days.  So, I am thinking mail… because at this point every dollar is important and I know there are more extras costs coming…

So what’s new???  Well last weekend I had a photoshoot for a 3 week old girl.  My sister and I made the trek out to El Dorado Hills and we had some good fun.  This is really just my 2nd newborn shoot…  so I learned A LOT of what I need to do next time.  So did my sister who is my assistant.  Here are some shots from the day.  Simply click on the small picture and it will open up to full view. 

I have senior season and the holiday season just around the corner so I need to work on marketing for both of those.  I will do the Holiday Foto Days like last year… I also have a newborn/infant package I just came up with so I need to work on marketing that.  For the past couple of months I haven’t spent a lot of time on the business.  But I feel motivated and good and excited about it and ready to put in the extra time to make it work and make it a success. 

This weekend…. what am I doing???  Tearing apart a shed in my mothers yard Friday morning (with the help of my sis and BIL.. I will take the AM off and work the PM at my office so we can just bang this project out), maybe cruising by the Gilr*y Garlic Festival EARLY Sat morning.  BBQ with the Family Saturday evening.  Sunday photo session then Sunday edit edit edit!  Hope everyone is well.. I am a little behind on blogs but I plan to catch up Friday evening 🙂


3 thoughts on “Summertime and Getting Focused

  1. One step closer—this is awesome!
    I love your pictures! You’re very talented. Just sorry I live on the east coast or I’d hire you!

  2. Wow you are a busy girl. The photos look amaIng, you have a real talent my friend. Good luck with the last of the paperwork, just impatient now for you to get your baby in your arms.

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