Just waiting…

I know I know I have not posted anything in ages.  Honestly, it is because there is nothing to report.  Kaz is still not accepting dossiers.. not that it would matter because I JUST sent my docs to the Sec of State to get apostilled.  I waited for ages for the right form from K*aiser.  Then I had to wait for a time when my BIL and sister could meet up with a notary.  But I have it all done and the package has been sent.  I will admit that I am a little worried.  You see since I sort of didn’t hustle… well my FBI clearance will no longer be good come October 15th.  I think it has to be less than 6 months old upon dossier submission.  I have sent new paperwork into the FBI but .. you know.. I’m not even going to worry about it.  It is what it is and it will get turned in just as quick as it can.  Talking about it stresses me the heck out.  Like literally having stress thinking I SUCK for not hustling and getting this taken care of earlier…..

This summer has been good.  I only got to have one camping trip but I still managed to have fun.  Have had some fun nights with my girlfriends so that makes having to stay local ok.  Remember that guy.. well we talked for a while.. even met up a few times.. but I am just not feeling the interest and I am so not going to chase.   I have way to much on my plate to do that.  Plus I don’t want to embarrass myself.  I mean honestly, if he was into me, he would make the effort. 

The photog business is picking up.  I have had plenty of shoots of the past 6 weeks.. which is great!  I even got an offer from a company that is like G**roupon.  They came to me which was great for my self-esteem and confidence.  My special will run end of September.  They think I will get 100 appts off of it.. I will be happy with 50.  Which means I will probably only get 25!  LOL  But whatever.. it is all about the referral and building my portfolio.  On Saturday I have to shoot the exec and her family.  She is the one that will do the write up for my company.  In case you were interested, here is some of what I have been up to the past few weeks…. 

Things are also getting more busy with my regular job.   This is our “busy” season.   So, if in fact the special pays off and I get some appts from it, then I will be one busy gal through the end of the year.  NO complaints though because money is money and I need every bit of it for the adoption.  I have really been stressing out over the final cost.  I mean I know one way or another it is going to work out, but still… I do worry and I do often wish I started all of this before spending so much money on TTC…. 

I have been terrible in m workouts and eating and I have got to get serious.  I know I say that ALL.THE.TIME.  But I have to really get all type A and make a daily routine and stick with it.  I am feeling frumpy and not cute.  Tomorrow my sister and I are doing measurements.  Hopefully seeing those numbers will scare me into shaping up! 

Even though it sorta sounds like I am complaining …  I deep down do feel fortunate.  I feel good that my business is going good.  I feel good that the paperwork is basically done.  I feel confident that Kaz will open back up soon and things will move on to the official “waiting” part.  I bought this really cute apple charm necklace on etsy.  It is actually a locket.  I plan on putting a picture of my child in it soon as I get one 🙂  Not sure if I every mentioned it, but the nickname for my future child is “apple”.  My friend B came up with it cuz I have this book called “Apples are from Kazakhstan”.  In no way will that actually BE their nickname…. just a blog name..

Well, off to have a cup of coffee and relax a bit.  I know I know.. I will probably be up all night because of it.. but it is a little breezy tonight and by golly, a cup of cafe sounds yummy!  So, if anyone actually still READS my blog.. thank you 🙂  I am going to really try to be better.. even though my life is as boring as a nilla wafer!


7 thoughts on “Just waiting…

  1. Still here. Glad the photo business is going well. I hope that Kaz does open back up soon and you can get the dosier sent. Hang in there.

  2. Apple will be his name dangit..I want a signed contract! Glad the biz is picking up, and that you have ideas on the burners. Love ya girl, and I know everything is going to work out just fine.

  3. I am still reading…and you are NOT boring my friend
    I love the blog name, Apple. 🙂

  4. I’m still reading! Thanks for the comment the other day…thought you fell off the face of the Earth!

    This hold on everything has got to be frustrating the hell out of you. You’re handling it much better than I would. Hang in there!!!

    I’m with you about working out…without a routine, I’m screwed. Well, I’m kind of screwed b/c of the knee thing right now anyway, but without the strength I had from working out, I’d be a floppy fish right now! Do it while you can!

  5. I am still reading here in Canada. I am in a very similar life and adoption situation as you but on the other side of the border. I have had bad news from my agency on Kaz and am wondering what you have been hearing across the border. Here they are saying Kaz will be closed for new dossiers for another 8 months. I am seriously considering changing countries and agencies. I have a great contact for a US contact that works in Uzbeketan if you are interested you can e-mail me and I’ll share it with you.

    My sister and I are also on a healthy eating quest starting this weekend. Apple is a super cute name and also a nutritious snack 🙂

  6. hey – i like nilla wafers 🙂 and im so glad to see you post again! ive been wondering what was going on up there… im sorry things are kind of at a stand still, but im glad hyoure spirits are up and that work is keeping you SO busy – thats a good thing!

    if you ever make it down to san diego and have some free “work” time – i’d still love to do a shoot with caleb 🙂

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