Wait..Paperwork.. Repeat

OMG… I seriously get the award for the worst blogger!  I am making a vow to change and get better.  Over the past month a lot has gone on and nothing has gone on.  Lets see… I shall start with adoption stuff.

Well the biggest hurdle to pass was going to be if the Homestudy agency I used would be able to work with Russia.  Apparently they are blacklisted in one region.  I wasn’t sure if the agency I am using for my adoption would be okay with that.  If they weren’t I would have to get a whole new homestudy!  Turns out… they work with each other ALL.THE.TIME.  SO, nothing to worry about.  YAY

Then there was the merger of my original agency (WHAL) with the Hague agency.  Of course it sounds simple and like no big deal.  But of course, new paperwork needs to be completed, etc.  So all paperwork was finally completed last week.  I mailed it off yesterday. I am now a client of ECAS.  I am still working with my fantabulous coordinator Julie and also a 2nd coordinator Judy 🙂

Now the homestudy update… of course my child abuse clearance, dr report, etc all needs to be updated.  So off for fingerprints today and off to the Dr.’s office for updated forms.  I swear I am going to have to change Dr’s after this.. he is probably rolling his eyes each few months when he sees a form come in to be signed for me.  Once the homestudy update is done, I can send it in to immigration to update my 171H status.  Immigration approved me for Kaz but since I am transferring to Russia, they need to update their info.

So, that is the latest and greatest adoption stuff.  Besides that, the photography business has been keeping me busy.  I ran a special with a company called J*uice in the C*ity and ended up selling 40 sessions… which is GREAT!  Of course then it rained two weekends in a row and I had to back 4 sessions into one weekend and now I have all those pictures to edit.  Which is what I should be doing right now, but instead I am blogging 🙂  I am also in the midst of starting a blog for the business.  Apparently all the photographers do it so if they do I do.. have to keep up.  I am  hoping to have that up in the next couple of days.

Alright.. so I am off to get back to editing!  Happy Humpday! OH OH OH… One more thing!  What do you think of the new blog header/layout??  All thanks to Plaid House Designs!  Seriously, if you need an update, talk to them.  They created exactly what I wanted in no time at all!  That little Apple Heart there at the top.. well amongst the family and friends, future child has a nickname (which I may have mentioned before).   It is Apple.. so the apple heart there.. that represents what this whole blog is about.. the child that will eventually be 🙂


8 thoughts on “Wait..Paperwork.. Repeat

  1. Sounds like you are making some forward progress! Hope it all goes as quickly as possible

  2. Great to see you again! Congratulations on the latest series of events, most especially moving forward with your adoption process.

    And I love the new blog layout! The apple heart is my favorite part 🙂

  3. Good to hear from you and I hope things start to move more quickly soon. That’s fabulous on all the jobs with your photography business. I’m wishing we lived closer as I’d love to get a good picture of myself with my fur babies. I can never find anyone who can work my camera though.

  4. The blog looks soo pretty now! And I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly with Russia! Yay!

  5. I check every day for a while…no post. Now, all of a sudden..you’re doing a blogging blitzkreig! 🙂 Glad to see you back at it. Love the apple heart!

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