Getting Social

Yesterday I went to a “blogger” event.  It was on Pearltrees and it was interesting and I am seriously going to be creating one for myself.  I have so many links and so much information and if it could help others with regard to adoption (I don’t think I have all my infertility sites saved still).  It really does make an easy way to store and review all of your research and info for yourself and others….

The event of course was sponsored by Pearltrees.  They fed us like queens and I ate all of it.  LOL  I got to visit with my friend Paige (who I have known since Junior High).  She is the one who hooked me up with Juice*In*The*City for my photography special.  She also has a blog which can be found HERE.  She also has a Persimmon tree and I hope she reads this and remembers to give me some!  I also got to see my friend Lia (who invited me to the event).  She has a blog as well and she can be found HERE.  After the event we walked around.  I am too fluffy and too poor for the $185 jeans at the special jeans store… but I did find a very cool looking leather bracelet.  I can’t wait to wear it… I shall photograph and share its cuteness with you guys in my next post.  And speaking of posts… yes Brandi I am on a blogging frenzy… Not that I don’t talk you every single day on IM yet you still log in to read.. what a good friend!

I finished 3 of my 4 shoots from last week.  YAY me!  I still have the engagement session from Sunday.  I also have 3 shoots from this past Saturday.  My last shoot of the day on Saturday…. well I was friggin pooped… their daughter wouldn’t smile … she must have got that from her mother because the Mom.. well she didn’t appear to be the happiest person… so lets see what magic I can create on those… 

Oh, and today I am getting serious about running and working out.  I know I have said it like one trillion times.. but I’m running low in the energy department and I am convinced if I start working out and get those endorphins activated… that will help some.. And if you think I am going to post my weight in hopes of that motivating me… well no.. not doing that.  The numbers burned a whole in my eyes this morning so writing it here won’t make it any more real……  lets just say I have a good 40 to say “Bye” to……

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Getting Social

  1. of course I read silly. love ya TFra. sorry bout the sour puss clients. the people who don’t suck..well their pictures look great!

  2. What a fun event! Can’t wait to see the bracelet.

    You crack me up about the non-smiling folks!

    I miss our chats on IM 😦

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