Homestudy Update .. DONE

How was my weekend you ask??  Well, pretty craptastic !  My plan was to “catch up” on editing pictures since I was a few (now I am just one) behind.  I had one shoot on Saturday and one on Sunday afternoon.  Editing would be done casually in between.  Well, Debbie and I were driving and chit chatting away when we heard this VERY loud ticking sound.  I thought it might be my key chain rattling… well as I held it tightly in my hand staring at my sister I glanced back ahead and noticed the thermometer gauge reading HOT!   Well how the heck could THAT be??  I mean, I JUST had a new radiator put in 3 weeks ago!  So, I immediately pulled over off the freeway, the car stopped and there I was, calling AAA again and my client to tell her that I won’t be making the appt…  (ugh).  Some tears were shed, two CHP officers pulled over to make sure we were okay and after 30 minutes a tow truck arrived.  Apparently a 4WD car needs to be put on a flatbad not a regular tow truck and being I was 60 MILES from where I lived, putting the itty bitty tires on to raise the car off the road (like they did last time)  wasn’t an option. 

So, after we got to the car shop and they dropped us off at my house, Debbie and I grabbed some lunch, did some Xmas shopping and enjoyed a sister day.  Sunday morning I had to get up early and edit (since all creativity was lost on Saturday) and then head off for two shoots.  Well my social worker M called me on Sunday but I couldn’t answer.  Then when I got home, I was exhausted and didn’t call her back.  She is a very happy person and I was still pretty pissed over my car. 

Monday came, my car got fixed and wouldn’t you know that it was  HOSE that popped, which caused my cylinder 3 to crack which lead to replacing cylinder 3.  So, $1k on my car this month.. there goes the extra adoption money from working my butt off doing photographs.  The good news is that people seem to be very pleased with my work.  Check out the photography blog to see the lastest sessions.  I did an engagement session and I had SOO much fun doing it.  I can’t wait for their wedding in May.  I hope that doing their wedding will help me with the portfolio needed to book a few more! 

Oh ya!  So yesterday M and I met and updated the Home Study.  I am waiting for my agency to look over and approve the draft.  I am hopeful that will be done in the next day or so and I can move forward a bit….  Ok.. back to work.  And YES I know I owe you a picture of my bracelet…. I’m on it~


One thought on “Homestudy Update .. DONE

  1. Car crap is soooo annoying! Sorry you had to go through that and miss a job.

    Can’t wait to click over to the photo blog…love seeing other people’s work.

    Glad things are finally moving ahead with the home study. You’ve waited too long.

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