A Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  Mine was very fun.  I have been so busy that I was looking forward to a day filled with family and laughs for weeks!  My family didn’t let me down!  I have two more weeks of crazy busy photo stuff and then I think I will be able to relax (a bit) until I start the new year and hustle for more gigs!

Back to Turkey Day… it was a blast and I made tamales for the first time ever.. I made “mini” tamales and let me be the first to say.. for not being hispanic and having a grandma from Mexico to teach me how to make them… They were not bad.  My big Italian Family was impressed… Not sure they are the all time critics on a good tamale though???  But they liked them as did I 🙂

On the adoption front… The HomeStudy Update is COMPLETE!  I have the notarized copies in my hands and will send off today to Immigration for my update and change of country to Russia.  My Xmas wish is that this update will come before Xmas….. Please Santa??  I have been awfully good this year!

For your viewing pleasure… some family photo’s… and Yes, my sister had me do a family session before Thanksgiving at her house.. I have been so busy it was the only time we had to do it!

If you made it past that… YAY!

This week is going to be crazy busy… I have 4 shoots from this weekend to edit and two slide show presentations to put together.  The slide shows are for a Celebration of Life at the High School and a Funeral.  My friend’s daughter (she was 16) passed away early morning on the 21st of November.  She and her friends had made a bad choice to drink and drive… Jordan paid the price for that choice.  There were 5 kids in the car.. Jordan was the only one to die.  I know at that age I made many bad choices… As an adult I have even made a few… but as I have gotten older (I will be 37 on Sunday) I don’t mess around.  Not.One.Bit.  I hope her friends and all the kids at the school who have made that same choice learn from her death and choose to call their parents or their aunts or Godparents… if they are in a situation where they chose to drink.  I hope they realize that their parents won’t be mad for the long run.. maybe disappointed but not mad…  This Thanksgiving… we had a lot of family fun and we showed the big kids (14,17,19) that you can have fun without being drunk and if you do find yourself in that boat.. just give a hollar..

Alright.. I better shower and get my day started!


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6 thoughts on “A Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Love the pics of the fam TFra. I hope to one day meet that group of friendly faces at Apples coming home party. Don’t work yourself too hard this week, and remember not to do anything work related on your birthday. Love you mucho!

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like such a wonderful time! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

    WOOHOO on the homestudy update completed! Awesome news!!

  3. Hi Tracey! I love the pictures of your family. Especially your niece and nephew at top. Adorable shots! Excited that you finished homestudy. Congrats! And I didn’t realize you knew Jordan’s mom. Truly tragic. I hope her family has lots of comfort this holiday season.

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