Getting to it…

Thanks for all the password requests. So awesome to know so many people have followed for so long and want to see this to the end as much I do!  I am going to send that email out with the password by the end of this weekend.  Not all posts are going to be protected but I am pretty confident that the next one will be 🙂

There has been a flurry of activity in my life this past week.  I had fallen behind on reading blogs, doing actual work and editing photo sessions.  Of course I woke up extra early today to work on one and left the portable hard drive at my office. Oh well.. tonight will be a late night.

In not so private or exciting news, I committed myself to get back to healthy on January 1.  Over the “busy” season (Oct-Dec) I ate terrible, I ate too much and enjoyed all the goodies the holiday season had to offer.  My body was not happy.  I was grumpy as was my tummy.  So I kicked off the new year with a run and said a sweet “until next time” to all bad but oh so tasty food.  I feel a thousand times better.  I even lost a few pounds.

There is a new yoga place in town.  I am thinking I might give this Hot Yoga thing a try.  When I workout at the gym my mind is busy with thoughts and planning and coming up with ways to make extra money and grow my business.  Maybe that hour at Yoga I can learn to just breath and relax?  Lets see.. they have a free “tester” class so I may just go for it.

What else… Oh my nephew broke his arm!  Poor Ryan!  Deb and I had a photo session and then we decided to take a trip to I*k*ea.  A certain room in the house needed its closet done (not mine).  So, I searched and searched and they had the best price.  Like $400 cheaper than what I found on the internet after days of researching and comparing.  So we went and got it.  As we are getting ready to leave BIL calls and the convo is something like this:

BIL (John) – “Uh, Ryan fell and he won’t stop crying he says his arm hurts”
Sister (Debbie) – “Do you think it is broken? How far of a fall was it?
BIL – “Well I didn’t see it I was watching football but he is screaming”
Sister – “Well I’m not there John make a judgement, should you take him to the urgent care? Can he move it”
BIL – “He says no, but I think he is being dramatic and just doesn’t want to, kinda like when he doesn’t wanna wipe his own butt..”
Sister – “Well I will get home asap and see”

So we rush home unload these ridiculously heavy boxes and rush to her house.. We walk in and Ryan is in his room in his bed by his own choice (Clue #1 something is wrong.. it is only 5pm)  Rush upstairs look him over and roughly 2.5 seconds pass and he’s just not right.. oh and his elbow is swollen and looks distorted (Clues #2 and #3)  Grab him up and Deb and I rush him to the Urgent care.  Break at the elbow, go see an orthopedic surgeon on Monday to have it set properly in a cast.  He got a blue cast, he hasn’t complained once about it.  It hasn’t slowed him down in the slightest.  What a good kid.  He will be 5 on the 2nd of Feb.  I’m 37 and I am pretty sure that after being in a full arm cast for 2.5 weeks I would be complaining.  But not him.  God Bless him..

I know I owe a ton of catch up pix.  I’m going to work on that..  Just a post of pix …. Alright better shower and get to work early so I can catch up on some of the work I have lagged on.  Happy Wednesday!!!


12 thoughts on “Getting to it…

  1. Tracey…
    I have no idea how I found your blog, but I’d love to be able to keep up on what’s going on with your adoption journey.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Hot Yoga….even though I havent’ been in forever 🙂

    Your BIL sounds like my DH! He’s the same way when it comes to making decisions on if he should take the girls in or not.

    looking forward to the picture post 🙂

  3. Ok, so I need to keep dibs on you, Girl, and what’s going on….so YEA, I want the password! 🙂 I haven’t had much time lately to check your blog, but when I read that you were making it private for a while, I had to request the pw as I’ve been following your journey almost since the beginning! 🙂 Praying for ya all the time, Girl!

  4. I am single too and am considering adoption. I would love to follow your journey. Good luck!

  5. Hi Tracey I would love to follow along on this life changing journey we adopted a little boy from Kaz in April of last year also with WHAL

  6. Hi Tracey,
    I’ve been reading for a while…I’d love a password if you’re okay with that. I’m another single infertile girl… and after 10 miscarriages, I’m now thinking that adoption may be the right way for me too. I’d really like to see where your journey takes you!

  7. I’ve been “lurking” on your adventures for a while. My fingers are crossed, and I would so love to see you realize what you’ve worked so hard for!! Password, please! 🙂

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