Well after all that, I just got a call from my agency.  They spoke with the director of the orphanage.  They got more medical information.  More information to where they are suggesting I pull out of accepting the referral.  I am going to defer to their expertise on this.  The issues on the table are bigger than I.  I need to be realistic about this and what I can handle and what I can’t.

So.. back to our regular scheduled program of …. WAITING on referral number 2~


15 thoughts on “CHANGE….

  1. My heart dropped. I’m so sorry. This is going to happen for you… it’s gonna take a little tiny bit longer. It will be worth the wait.

  2. oh no 😦 I should read the most current post before I go comment crazy. I’m sorry this one didn’t work out… I hope #2 comes along quick!

  3. Tracy I am so sorry. Your time will come. We will keep praying like crazy that referral number 2 comes quickly and that it is the right child for you. Erin

  4. I’m so sorry you are on this roller coaster of a ride… But I know there is a happy ending out there for you. And, I hope, one for that little boy too. You each deserve a family. Thinking speedy referral No. 2 thoughts!

  5. Oh, no! But I hear ya. Parenting is hard, single parenting is harder. Sounds like the right decision to defer to the experts. Hopefully, after this disappointment they will work harder to find you a match soon.

  6. Sigh. Now I feel like a big poop for not reading this blog post first. I’m so sorry this referral didn’t work out. I hope you find and your child find each other soon.

  7. You did the right thing. If an agency tells you the medical issues are too much, you have to go with what you know you can handle. I know a family who adopted a little girl now diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome, RAD, *and* autism spectrum disorder–they can handle it. I know I couldn’t.

  8. Tracey…….I’ve been following your blog for quite some time (as a lurker, lol) and would love to continue if you would send along your password. If you choose not to……up to you…….good luck on your journey

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