The weather here in California this past week has been nothing short of amazing and gorgeous!  On Sat was my nephews 5th Birthday part.  My sister cooked up sliders, homemade mac-n-cheese, yummy cake and of course there were chips, dips and wine.  I partook in consuming all of it.  My stomach hurt like a sonofagun for roughly 2 days…. But well worth it 🙂  The party was small and I spent the afternoon chatting it up with my family letting Debbie and her hubby mingle with their friends.

Sunday I spent the day cleaning the sawdust mess and throwing useless crap  away organizing.  I worked on creating a Plexiglas barricade on the new balcony off my bedroom.  The barricade is there so the cats can enjoy the balcony yet not escape.  It is also there to prevent little ones from leaning over the edge and falling.  I worry about things like that.  One mis-move on a little ones part and bam… Here is what I did…  It’s hard to see but works great!

The deer came by and spent some time checking out the new patio and me and eating the fresh grass growing from the bit of rain and the blast of sun we have had.  I decided to watch them for a bit.  I love the way they always hang in groups … like family.

My mother than decided to stop by and of course I was in the midst of a cleaning/organizing frenzy so the house looked unusually messy… lovely.  I finished up the curtains and tasked her with the valance project for the kiddo room.  Oh BTW if you didn’t notice I “unprotected” the last post where I announced that the BIG news was no longer BIG news … I realized since it was just explaining that I was not accepting the referral, there was nothing truly private.

So, what else?  Oh I watched the entire season 1 of Spartacus.  Has anyone else watched it??  I LOVED it.  I need to watch this second season now.  Additionally, I now wish to marry a man with either an English, Wales, or Aussie accent.  He must also be willing to wear man-panties as they wore in the series and love me madly, passionately and to the death.  For reals though, the series is like a good trashy romance novel.

Last random thing.. I got a call from the Archdiocese of SF.  Not sure how they got my contact info, but they have a newspaper that goes to all the churches and homes etc… Well they wanted to know if I wanted to advertise.  I checked it out and I think I may try it.  I mean if I get 1 job out of it, it pays for itself… Plus, when they Archdiocese calls and randomly has your contact info (BTW this was their second attempt to get a hold of me) then God must have a slight hand in it….. So I’m thinking he knows best so I shall follow his lead.

Guess I should start getting dressed for work….Happy Day All!



2 thoughts on “Random-ness

  1. So I’m just getting caught up on all the back stuff in my reader. What a lot you’ve had going on. I hope your wait for the next referral isn’t too long. I’m thinking of you and sending hugs.

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