Food and Paint

Someone asked what I am going to do lose weight.  How I plant to “torture” myself.  I know everyone has their opinions and their cautions and their warnings and all of it because they care or are concerned.  I’m going hardcore.  I am giving up all of it.  No carbs, no sweets, no wine, no soda, no processed anything.  I plan on going on a detox of sorts here.  I plan on working out (as much and often as possible).  I will be taking a before picture of me Biggest L*oser Style.  But I will not be posting it until the after.

I feel lost under the fluffy right now.  I want to bring the spunk back.  I want to have the energy that the bad foods have sucked out of me.  I know it will take a bit of time, but since I have nothing really (besides work and photography) to focus on (I have no kids so the excuses really are all worthless), on Monday (D-Day) it will become my numero Uno priority.

I may put up a blog just to chronicle my crabbiness, my trials, my successes and failures.  I don’t know if this blog would be the place for it since not everyone really cares about my latest weight loss adventure.  My feelings on MY weight and body are probably not interesting to others, but I do enjoy going back and reading it and when I succeed, reading about it will be a sort of sweet victory.  If I do blog about it, I will link it here in case anyone IS interested.

In other news… not adoption related sorry… I went to my HOA meeting last night to find out if we actually ARE going to paint this year since I have spent a small fortune making the repairs to my balcony, porch and siding.  To my delight, we had paint swatches to look at and we WILL be painting!  YAY!  To my double delight, I was there to pick the three color pallets that the homeowners will vote on.   The community is a bunch of townhouses… here is a picture of one of the homes down the street that is for sale.. but you will get the idea..

Well we came up with three house/trim color combos.  The homeowners (there are 46 of us) will vote and decide which one.  Then, there are three front door colors to choose from that all go with the house/trim combos.  Each homeowner will be able to decide what door color they want.  I love the idea.  It gives each of us a little freedom to be ourselves in a community that is all the same.

Happy Friday everyone!  Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!





5 thoughts on “Food and Paint

  1. I feel lost under the fluffy too. A friend of mine joined a women’s adventure bootcamp locally and got up for a 530 am wake-up and workout 5 days a week for 12 weeks. She followed all the nutrition guidelines to the letter and lost 40 pounds in 4 months. I am so inspired by her, I am doing the same starting this summer.I set up a private weight loss journal blog to record everything I eat too.

  2. Hey there!
    I stumbled on your blog awhile ago – and haven’t felt the need to comment until now. Please – just make sure whatever diet/detox/weightloss plan you do (trust me, I’ve been there; no one believes what I looked like when I was in the 6th grade) – finds something (exercise/diet program) that you will ENJOY and that you will be able to continue in the LONG RUN. A friend of mine has a tanktop that says, “Strong is the new skinny.” I try to tell this to everyone I can – because losing weight is great, but being thin doesn’t equal fit, strong, and healthy! My weightloss journey took years – through exercise, watching what I ate – and just finding something I enjoyed doing to keep myself motivated, fit and strong. I worry about people who do elimination diets, just because I try to imagine doing a diet like that for the rest of my life? Fitness, wellness, losing weight, being healthy – these all are a lifetime process – and unfortunately – once the weight comes off – it doesn’t just stop, no matter what weight you get to 😦 You have to constantly work at it – every day – all the time – for the rest of your life. I’m still working at it – and that’s why I try and help, motivate and encourage others to just be careful, don’t go too fast, too hard and burn out – find something that’s going to help you keep on going – and continue it for the long run, for YOU!

    Take care and good luck in ALL your journeys,

  3. Good luck on the working out etc. I signed up for a gym here yesterday and am looking forward to going but am hoping too I can find a workout partner. Someone to keep me motivated.

  4. Your neighborhood is going to look great! I love when “things” get a facelift!

    God, was I the one who used the word “torture?” I probably was…sorry. I should have been more supportive b/c a change in lifestyle can actually be pretty awesome!

    I love when people use the word “fluffy.” I don’t know why!

  5. Rebecca…. it is torture! I wasn’t upset by that word.. it actually is the perfect word to describe “dieting”. Cross your fingers that day 1 goes well and no one loses their head 🙂 I actually have a pretty positive outlook and am excited for the day. Let’s see how that goes 🙂

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