Fortune Cookie Encouragement

I was cleaning out my messy wallet and purse last night.  In between the bazzillion reciepts and notes to self that I was tossing, I came across a fortune cookie paper that I got a few weeks ago.  Fortune cookie papers (for me at least) are kinda like church.  There are those days/messages that exactly fit and are applicable to your life at that moment.  I love when that happens.  Well this was the fortune from that Family Trip to P*anda

Over the years, I have held tight to my dream to become a mother.  Giving up on it isn’t an option.  I soooo look forward to the day when that dream comes true.  This morning, as I sat awake at 3am, I started thinking if I have had any other dreams.  I couldn’t come up with a dream I have had in life that came true.  Then I got to thinking, are dreams and goals different???  For instance, I dream about being a mother and a wife.  But I don’t put those on my list of Goals.  My list of goals is more like this:

1.  Get Healthy
2.  Lose 40 lbs
3.  Book a 2nd wedding 
4. Keep car clean and organized
5. $ave $ave $ave

There are a few other things on the list but that is the idea.  Over my life, I have met some of my goals (buy a house, start a business, etc).  So what are your thoughts??  Are dreams and goals different????


6 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Encouragement

  1. Our goals are similar. I’ve just lost 20 lbs and would like to lose about 10-15 more.

    I am trying to make my family eat healthier so my daughters don’t struggle with some of the same issues I have.

    I’d like to be more active outside…but know with summer coming we will do that.

    We are doing Dave Ramsey for our Save Save Save plan 🙂

    I’d like to find a loan repayment program that will pay off my student loans and am actively looking!

    So….yup….your goals look like most of ours!

  2. Great goals!!! I’m sure you will accomplish them all. Mine are similar other than I would like to drop 50lbs but considering my latest detour from my adoption fiasco, not sure if that is possible but eating healthier and exercising.

    I do think goals and dreams are different. Goals are something that are fully attainable with hardwork and commitment. Dreams are something we hope to attain but have factors outside of our control. As strong, professional, single women who have accomplished a lot, I think that part about things being outside of our control/doing/ability are what are tough to get through.

    Good luck with goals and dreams!

  3. I think they are the same thing. I have a dream of writing a novel- but it won’t happen without work. The same think with losing 70 pounds.

  4. I still have a fortune from October 2008 after my first IUI. It’s taped to the inside of my laptop because it still applies. At the time, it was the beginning of my TTC journey. Now it’s the beginning of parenthood. It says “Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.” If I had your fortune, I would have kept that one too. 🙂

  5. I am cracking up at the fact that you think you will be able to keep your car clean and organized with a child!!! You could eat for a week off the goldfish and fruitloops in my backseat. And BTW, while I was in the airport waiting to go to Kaz, I ate at Mark Pi’s and got a fortune that said “You will adopt a new lifestyle.” Trust the cookie.

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