Ooopsie Daisy….

Let me first apologize to any subscribers.  Last week I was playing with the blog trying to put up some of the hidden posts.  But, each time I did, I quickly realized it was emailing the post out as if it was a new feed so I stopped.  Sorry guys!!  I will have to figure out how to update the past posts without doing that.. if anyone knows, let me know 🙂

This week has been good. The weather was amazing all week, but unfortunately today it is raining ..  BLAH.  I am hoping it clears up tomorrow because I am heading down to UCSB with my Godson to check out the campus.  He is trying to decide between 3 schools and that is one of them on the list.  If it was me, I would pick there, but the choice is his.  OF course I will make sure to share with him all the wonderful things about UCSB in hopes to sway him.. HAHAHAH.

Last night I had a dream about getting a referral.  It was a little confusing but basically, I had a referral come my way.  The weird thing was it kept changing children.  In the end it was a girl but prior to that it had been boys.  Then I was in Russia talking to a Russian lady who was telling me about her.  And then I bounced to being at my sister’s house telling her about it all.  Weird.  Funny thing is, this week, I have been the most relaxed about “when” the referral will come.  I am pretty resolved that it won’t be happening anytime in the next 8 weeks.  So I haven’t had any anxiety or worry over it.  I hope that continues.

In other news, Ava and I went Horseback riding last week.  It was a blast.  I have always LOVED horses and she does too.  So we took a 90 min trail and beach ride.  The trail was tough for Ava’s first ride because it was pretty muddy.  It took a lot for the horses to go thru that muck, and when they pull themselves up and sorta hop out, balance and holding on is key and she did great!.  We had her a lead with the guide but still she managed to hold tight, lean when we went up and down slopes and by the end she was riding alone without the lead.   During the ride, I rode up front.  Some girls came on the trail to hang a poster or something.  I could tell it was concerning the horse, and the guide said so too.. My horse got spooked.  Jumped, turned and bolted!  Glad it was my horse and not Ava’s.  Got him under control and back to Ava and the guide.  Ava says… “I wanna run like that on the horse!”  She cracks me up!  At one point on the beach we did trot and she loved it.

Overall, things are pretty uneventful life but I did have a wonderful weekend.  last week.  Between Girls Gabfest (girls night over appetizers and drinks ones house while the kids play and we chatter away) on Friday, Horseback riding on Sat and rest with a photo session thrown in (which you can view on on Sunday.  Things are good.. life is good.

Happy Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Ooopsie Daisy….

  1. Yucky here today too although for me it’s good sleeping weather.
    I’d vote for UCSB too! Granted SB is my plan B location. That and a mini cooper.

  2. Love the name “Girls Gabfest.” I may have to borrow/steal it!

    I’m glad you’re not stressed over the “when.” It’s not in your control anyway, right? Why stress…that takes power though…serious mind power.

    Horses scare the be-Jesus (bejeezus?) out of me!

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