Hmphhh, I think I just expect too much…

Pretty boring in these parts and this post is more of a venting then anything.  Maybe some of you that have walked this path can offer some advice.

So, as everyone knows, I am in the waiting game.  Simply waiting on a referral.  I am not requesting an infant.  My preference is 2-4 years old with 2-3 my top.  I have no gender preference.  I would think the wait shouldn’t be long.. but it seems to be so whatever.  My frustration isn’t with that (well most of my frustration anyway).  Here is the latest… Last week on Thursday I emailed my agency a question.  I got no response.  I called on Friday and left a message as the coordinator was busy.  Never got a call back.  Nothing on Monday and on Tuesday morning she called.  I started with…”I’m just following up on the email that I sent on Thursday”.  Her response was that she had not opened or looked at it yet.  REALLY!?? I wanted to say that out loud but I didn’t.  I simply remained quiet and said “oh” (while I screamed in my head) and then verbalized the question that was in the email.  She needs to look into it and so again I am waiting for a response.  Now, that seems like  a LONG time to wait before looking at a clients email.  Do you all agree that it was a long time or am I holding them to too high a standard??  I guess it made me feel unimportant in the larger picture… Maybe I am being too sensitive?  I don’t know…


7 thoughts on “Hmphhh, I think I just expect too much…

  1. I would feel the same way. You have chosen this agency and I assume have paid them well. They are working for you and need to treat you that way. Anything more than a greater than 24h response window is too much for me.

  2. I expect and get upset when a company I’m spending money on (retail, services…) doesn’t get back to me in 24 hours and sometimes that is just because I’m wondering if they have a certain shoe in my size. Your situation is much more important and should be treated as such. Stuff like that would make me worry that they are treating everything related to me as not a top priority.

  3. Even when i recognize a clients name I hate in my inbox, I read the e mail and respond. Why? Because it’s my job. I’m getting paid to perform a are they. This is a huge deal to you, and any adoptive parent for that matter..and they know that. Bunch of buttholes!

  4. I don’t think you are expecting too much. I think this is unacceptable. My agency has a policy to get back to clients within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

  5. I always treat people the way I want to be treated and when I’m not treated the way I derserve, I get flippin mad! If you don’t hear from your coordinator by the end of the week, I would call her supervisor. You are paying them for a service and even though they might not have any answers, they should at least call you and give updates. You deserve answers!

  6. Your expectation is not too high-
    you should get a response quickly, even if they tell you they need more time to look for an answer…. I am always afraid it makes me look needy or i will seem annoying if i contact them…. I have been 2 years with my agency… i check in monthly at least – no big deal!

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