Summertime.. FINALLY

Well June is here and summer seems to be in full swing!  YAY!  Life keeps going by and fellow adoption parents who started at the same time as me are obtaining referrals and heading off.. I however sit empty-handed.  Some days I am sad.  Some days I am frustrated.  Some days I feel like it will never happen.  Some days I know it will be soon.   Just for those of you who may not be adding this time up in your mind as obsessively as I do.. here is the breakdown. 

5 years of trying; 1 year 5 months since i started the adoption process. 

BLAH.. writing it sucks more than thinking it in my head. 

Work is good and my business is good.  If I worked a little harder I think my business would be better.  My goal for this month is to tackle the 50 things I need to do for it and then be more vigilant about craiglist ads.  I have a couple of potential brides to meet with.  I met them thru the bride whose wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago.  Just gotta keep on getting out there. 

My sister is like 18 weeks PG.. Maybe even more .. I forget.  I just know that she is having a GIRL!  Two ultrasounds say girl.  YAY!  I am so excited.  I can’t wait to snuggle up and hold her and love on her.  The kids are getting so excited.  It’s cute to see them anxious to meet their little sister.  They pretty much have a name.. thanks to our good friend B.  She suggested it and soon as she said it.. it was like.. OMG that is the best name ever! 

What else… Oh oh oh.. Annual Camping trip is next week (the 27th) and I am SO excited.  I will be working on my tan (I know it’s not good) and napping, and floating and swimming.  I can’t wait! 

Well, I just thought I should post something so y’all wouldn’t think I was crammed under a rock somewhere!  HUGS!


6 thoughts on “Summertime.. FINALLY

  1. So glad to see you are not under a rock, lol! : ) I am thinking your referral is just around the corner, but in the meantime, enjoy the summer weather and your upcoming camping! I am still hoping to get down there for my pregnancy photo shoot, so that will boost up your business, lol!

    Love ya!

  2. Glad you’re ok. Just hoping you get the magic call soon. Waiting is just torture but glad you have your business and family as distractions. If you are still password protecting would you mind emailing me the magic word? X

  3. Goobs, you are the best sissie ever. When yor child finally comes home you will be the best mommy I know. You will give tons of hugs, love and go on many adventures. I of course tag along with my herd since you always have the best ideas! I know it is taking forever, I just take it as your baby just isn’t ready yet. He or she will come and you will know it and feel it. It will happen, when I don’t know but it will because no one I know deserves it more than you. I am beginning to ramble on..

    Oh, I am 17 weeks and thanks for all the support and help you give when you probably just want to throttle me.



  4. I sooooo hope you get your referral soon sweetie. You’ve been through the ringer and deserve so much. ((HUGS))

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