Day one in Russia

Well after a lot of traveling I finally made it to Stavropol.  I’m pooped.  I am seriously about to crash but i wanted to write this so i didn’t forget a thing.

My first flight was out of San Francisco.  It was at 6:30 am.  The night before i had some celebratory drinks with my friends and stayed up til midnight.  When my alarm went off at 2am, i was seriously thinking staying up late was a very bad idea!  I hopped in the shower and got ready.  Deb and i took off at 3 am to get gas and coffee.  I got to the international terminal at 4:30 but it was dead.  I thought that was strange.  After about a half hour i asked someone and was told i should have been in terminal 3.  I ran to terminal 3 only to learn that I should have been on terminal 1!  By this time I am in a panic and a sweat.  The line is crazy long and some nice lady must have seen I was on the edge of breakdown and grabbed me and took me to the front if the line.  I checked in, then headed over to security and soon enough I was on my way to JFK.  So, for future knowledge, I now know that you only go to international if your flight is direct.

Upon landing at JFK I got off the plane, went potty and then hopped on  bigger plan to Moscow.  I slept about an hour on the JFK flight and maybe 2 ( that’s being generous) on the flight to moscow.  I watched all three movies they showed and made lists during the 10.5 hour flight.  

I got into Moscow at like 11am and my flight to Stavropol was not til almost 8.  So, I went to Red Square and inside the Kremlin museum.  After that I headed to the airport.  My driver/translator stayed with me until I got to and thru the security area.  Igor is his name and honestly he is first-class.  Very nice.  I felt very taken care of.  Just before boarding someone yells “Tracey!”.  I stopped in my tracks because it scared me.  Turns out it was Alex, the regional coordinator and his wife! They are very nice and knew I would be there as they spoke to Igor.  They were returning from a weekend trip.  We chatted and they told me their son would be picking me up.  I then headed for the bus to take me to the plan and another person comes up, thisntime an American and says…hello there! An adoptive mom I presume.  We chatted and again nice couple! They are here for their court trip! 

I finally made it to Stavropol.  Tomorrow is the MOE meeting and then a 2.5 hour car drive to a small city where the baby house is! If everything goes quickly MAYBE I will get to see her tomorrow????  I’ll let you know!! 

OH.. Apparently the voltage adapter I bought doesn’t work in thus hotel room! If it doesn’t work at the next I am in a heap! I’ll need to find one that does!!! 

Ok nite nite!


8 thoughts on “Day one in Russia

  1. Good Luck in Stavropol! (It’s where Gorbachyov was born, btw.) So, if your daughter is a Cossack – and these are people who live on the boarder with Caucasses mountain – no wonder she looks determined 🙂 My grandma was from around this area…

  2. SO exciting! I can only imagine how tired you are, and how wonderful (but overwhelming) this trip is!!! : ) I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Did you have to go through customs? If the aswer is no, both you and JZ can suck it and I was rightLOL

  4. Glad you made it there in spite of the craziness and even got a little sight seeing in. hope tomorrow goes well.

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