Russia Day 3

So I am a bit behind. Here is the day 3 post…

Today I wasn’t able to see My Girlie (MG) until 2pm. My translator had a prior commitment. I lounged around in the morning, walked outside to the square and watched the kids play in the fountain. At 2pm we met and headed to the orphanage. We stopped by the directors office to chat and do some paperwork. After that it was off to grab MG and play a bit. MG and I found a spot and spent the next 2 hours playing. I tried to take her to the playground and it scared her. So, we smelled flowers, we walked, I sang songs, she danced (a little) and stacked cups.

During our playtime she whispered a few words that I didn’t understand. She definately knows her name. She tried to say Flower but it sounded more like Fower. It was sweet. I tried the decided to try the playground once again. This time I placed her in the big play car… She cried, I climbed in, she stopped crying. A couple of minutes later, it was time to take her back as it was 5pm. I hugged her, said goodbye, and in they took her. As we waited for the taxi, I played with some of the other kids. They all love the attention…

The taxi arrived and back home we go. Nonna, my translator invited me over to share pictures of her grand daughter. She is such a proud grandma!! We looked at pictures and toasted to MG and her getting a grand life in America with her Mama. Soon enough the evening rain started. I grabbed an umbrella from Nonna and walked back to the hotel. She lives basically across the street, maybe a 1/4 mile.

It poured rain and lightening and thunder most of the night. I managed to get a power converter to charge my iPad and iPhone. I chatted on the computer a bit, and then tried to sleep. But I kept think of MG. Wondering how loud it was where she was..if it was scary to her. I kept thinking about what to name her or if I should keep her name as is. She clearly knows it. I think it’s a pretty name. Not very common in America but pretty in my opinion. I wondered how quick I can gather the paperwork for court. I watched the videos of her and looked at pictures over and over. I think I slept maybe 4 hours total.

So there is day 3. Today is day 4 and tonight I’ll write about all the fun.


5 thoughts on “Russia Day 3

  1. Sounds like you both had a great day getting to know each other, it is great you get to spend so much time each day with her.

    Soon she will be with you everyday and you will wonder what life was like without her!!, cannot wait to hear how day 4 was

  2. thank you for sharing! three hours in a park is wonderful 🙂 and saying “fower” is excellent! the “fl” sound is hard for kids… Caleb is 4 and sometimes still has a hard time 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Snif! I’m so happy for you. I LOVE adoption stories and yours is so touching so far. Can’t wait to see pictures even if it’s a long time.

  4. Oh my gosh……..I CANNOT believe I am catching up and reading all of THIS! I cant even tell you how happy I am! ~Michelle Alessi

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