Russia Day 5

Today was to be my last day with MG.  I was super anxious to get there so I could spend as much time as possible with her.  I got there and seriously ran out of the car, let myself in the yard and headed straight for the area where the kids were playing.  I swooped her up and we went and found a spot.  We played, I took a video, maybe one or two pictures.  I was just so engrossed in spending every.single.second interacting with her since I knew it was my last day with her.  Plus if I stopped, I might cry.  

We went to the tree, which is one of her favorite things.  She loves to brush up against the leaves as I hold her.  I was getting many laughs and I was wishing I had one more hand to photograph the moment.  We wandered around some more, and then sat back in our spot.  I had some shoes I wanted to try on her.  They didn’t fit.  Irina came over and I gave her the shoes along some extra toys MG and I didn’t use up.  Bubbles and another beach ball.. Oh and I gave her the extra puffs I brought.  

MG has been playing with this electronic phone I brought.  You know it plays songs, counts, letters, etc. Well no joke, since I first gave it to her Tuesday she has learned which button does the music, her favorite.  I also noticed her just more confident in moving it from hand to hand or flipping it forward, upside down etc.  Amazing what one on one time does.  

Anyway, I didn’t even realize it but soon everyone was inside and Irina came to say it was yum yum time and then nap.  She was like we see you 2.  I said no, I am going home…. And then it started, first that burn that suddenly is behind your eyes just before the lump takes over your throat and the tears make their way to the surface.  I cried and hugged MG.  I passed her off and she winced.  At least I like to think she winced because she didn’t want to go.  Then Irina smiled and spoke to her in Russian.  I didn’t understand what she said but soon she was saying what I could understand and what I was dreading, “Paka Paka Mama”.  I composed myself a bit.. Gave them both a hug and off they went.  I sat down and waited for my driver.  That moment just came too quick.  I wanted those last moments back, I wanted some warning that it was going to be ending.  You know, like when you tell your kids, “in 5 minutes we are leaving the playground” and you say it again at 2 min and 1. I just wished I hugged her one more time…..

Alex came about 2 min later.  He brought some Russian pastries.  Well that’s a sure way to cheer a gal up.  Off we drove back to Stavropol.  I met up with Vlad about an hour after we got there.  He and I headed off to the notary to make the whole thing official.  After that it was back to the hotel to sign some paperwork with Alex.  

I went thru a list of court documents required by the region that was sent to me in February.  I honestly think I can gather most of this in two weeks.  The ONLY problem.  My 171 H fingerprints expire in august.  I had an appt as I was on top of this.  But, that appt was this week while I was here.  So I need to contact them and ask for a rush on a new appt.  Besides that, just have to see a psychiatrist and get a letter confirming my sanity, and those are the toughest items.  The rest is a lot of paper….

I will start Monday gathering everything else.  Once I have it all, I will notarize everything at once, and then apostille. Let’s see how quick I can do this! 

Right now I am in Moscow.  I got upgraded here to an executive suite so my room is huge and I even splurged and opened some wine from the mini bar.  I will be jumping in the big old bath shortly to enjoy some bubbles.  My bath at home.. Well let’s just say it is small.  When I take a bath only one side of me gets to be in water… So I never take baths.

Alright… Off to relax… Tomorrow I head home!


14 thoughts on “Russia Day 5

  1. Aw, just your first paragraph alone makes me want to cry Tracey. We hated every single evening we had to leave our babies in the hospital over night with our birth mother, even with our hotel just a few miles away. I could NOT even be close enough to imagining having to leave your baby in a foreign country for as long you need to. You are strong and it will be worth every day’s wait. I CANNOT wait until you both are reunited, for good, as MOM and DAUGHTER.

  2. Hope your trip home goes well and I hope that you are very soon on your way back to get your little girl. Hugs to you.

  3. Awww… i can’t imagine how amazing and joyful and HARD this trip has been! I hope you enjoyed your wine, have a safe trip back, and I will pray for your quick return to get your baby girl!

  4. She said “bye bye mama,” because she didn’t know how to say “I’ll see ya later, and it will be great!”

  5. I had a co-worker/friend that adopted his son from Russia. On the day that he got his American Citizenship, they came back to the office and he said that he just increased his son’s lifespan by 80 years because the children that do not get adopted are sent out into the world at 18 and usually turn to drugs/alcohol & prostitution and usually die before the age of 25. You and your daughter are truly blessed that you found each other!! I’m a SMBC, but I’m in awe that you are doing this all by yourself! Can’t wait to see pictures of you and your beautiful little girl!

  6. I am in tears reading your updates from the last few days. I am so happy that you are finally meeting your daughter, but also so sad for you that you will need to leave her for awhile. I hope these upcoming weeks/months fly by and you can be reunited with your little one!!

  7. Tracey: Safe travels home to the paperwork scramble, which will return you quickly to Russia….eyes on the prize!!

  8. how bittersweet! sad to leave your girl, but the sooner you get home, the sooner you can get your paperwork done and bring her home!

    I’m so excited for you!

  9. Love all the posts from Russia and learning about MG and how much FUN y’all are going to have when you get her home with you 🙂

  10. I can’t wait until she is home with you. Then, it will be..LET THE SPOILING from Aunt B BEGIN!!
    Love you. I also love that you said that only part of you gets to be in the bath at one time at your house. FunNAY!

  11. any updated since you’ve been home? 🙂 we’re anxiously waiting! 🙂

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