Well I have been home now for several days but just can’t shake the exhaustion I feel come 4pm.  I am hopeful that after this weekend I will feel a bit more like myself.  The flight home from Moscow was great.  I got upgraded to the section between first class and regular.  Seats are a bit wider and there is a lot more foot room and space between you and the seat in front of you.  I need to make sure I request that for my flight home with MG.  I am also going to work my magic and beg and plead for business on my flight within the US to California.  Not being crunched in a seat would be nice with a toddler.  Anyway, I ended up getting home about 11pm Sat night.  Debbie picked me up.  When we got to her house, I crashed and slept til about 4:30am.  I was then up for the day.  I spent the day hanging with my sister and the kids, and running a few errands. 

Monday morning I started making calls and prepping documents for the court dossier.  I am about 90% completed.  The only pending things are:

Psychiatrist Evaluation Letter and copy of license (I have an appt with her on Tuesday)
Pediatrician Letter for MG and copy of license (I have to get her future Pedi to sign a letter and my agency is getting me a draft of that letter this week)
County Property Record (Going downtown tomorrow for this)
Warranty Deed (Going downtown tomorrow for this)
Police Certificate (Going downtown tomorrow for this)

One might think that I am weird as I prefer to actually pick up the documents at their office vs have them mail them to me.  I just want to have those puppies in my hand.  Once I get the Eval from the dr (hopefully no later than friday next week), I will scoot off to get everything notarized and then drive to the capital for some apostilles.  Then, off to my agency and wait for a court date!  I think gathering a whole dossier in two weeks has got to be impressive?  Maybe the judge will see how focused and eager I am to comply and get MG home???

Now, on a side note.  I purchased a very cute toddler bed.  Now, I am having second thoughts.  I am thinking maybe I should have a twin bed in her room instead???  Can you moms chime in and offer up some input, suggestions, experience, advice and thoughts on the matter?  I just do not know what to do and I am spending hours in my head going back and forth on the matter.

So, that is about it.  Soon as I have all the docs done, I shall let everyone know and of course photograph the lovely package to remember all the work and effort that went into that little package.  I can’t believe it has been one week since I last saw MG.  I keep watching videos and looking at pictures.  I keep thinking how sad it must be for her to have had someone focus one on one with her and then never return.  BLAH.  Alright, no more …  just happy thoughts like, what if I actually get a court date the end of Sept or beginning of October!! 

Happy Thursday everyone!



12 thoughts on “Feedback/Advice/Recommendations

  1. what did she sleep in at the home? can you tell us her age? If she was in a crib, that might be more comforting for her…

    I moved Caleb to a twin bed at 2.5, and personally… I wish I could have kept him in a crib a little bit longer. unless she was in a small toddler size bed at the home, I’d do a twin. or crib. toddler beds seem like a waste.

  2. Oliver was 20 months when he got home and was a very restless sleeper due to a vitamin D deficiency. So we used his pack and play for about a month while we filled him with dairy and sunshine then it was on to the twin bed that we had planned on. Just seemed more cost efficient. However, I don’t think she would really care which you got. My favorite thing about the twin bed is there is room for me to snuggle and read stories.

  3. I agree…lots depends on the age that she is at this time. My daughter was used to a crib, so I kept her in there until age 3, at which point she was getting a bit tall to be safe in the crib. We then went directly to a twin bed without any problems. Probably most important to keep her in what she is used to at this time.

  4. We tried the switch from O’s crib to a big-boy bed (twin) over the Fourth. After four nights of him crying for us at bed, waking up to find a little redhead starting at me at random times in the middle of the night and not understanding the invisible boundaries of a big-boy bed, at 1 am one night we put the crib back together. So long story short, whatever works for you both. I don’t think there is a wrong answer but trying to keep some consistency in her sleeping might help the transition to her new and forever home. 🙂

  5. I have a toddler bed for Denis, I bought it because he slept in one at the home. He has slept in it maybe 10 times in the 5 months he’s been home. Most of the time he sleeps in the twin bed I set up for myself to be close to him (good thing as he has night terrors/mares almost every night). I wish I’d saved the money on the toddler bed and bought myself a double bed instead.

  6. My oldest dd [33 months] is in a crib that converts to a 3 sided toddler bed. My younger dd [19 months] is still in her crib. IDK when we’ll let her out 🙂 both seem happy in what they are in so I suppose it depends ont he age fo the little girl and what she’s used to sleeping in over there.

  7. Hello. We went straight to a twin bed for Kellan. He sleeps in it perfectly. We had a friend who was going to lend us her toddler bed if the twin did not work out, but it did. The great thing is, daddy is asleep with him in his bed right now. I have got 2 great nappers!

  8. I converted the crib into the toddler bed for my son just before his 2nd birthday. He fell out 2 or 3 times and that was it (I just had a partially folded comforter on the floor to break his fall if/when it happened). Less than a month later he got his big boy bed. I went with a mates bed with a headboard because it saved me from having to have a dresser or bookshelf in the bedroom and giving him more room to play as he gets older. Plus no crap can get shoved under the bed. He had no problem transitioning from the toddler bed to the twin.

    I probably wouldn’t bother with the toddler bed at all and just go with a twin that isn’t very high. Warrens’ bed is only about 1 1/2 feet total from the floor. Ikea also sells several bedframes that only take a single mattress and aren’t that high if you happen to be near one.

  9. Aidan was in a crib in the Baby Home and definitely felt most comfortable in one at our home while he transitioned into our family (home at 22 months). He stayed in the crib until he was 2 1/2 and then we converted it to a toddler bed which he stayed in until he was 3 1/2 and then we moved him into a twin bed. Now he’s five and in a bunk/platform bed! Take it slow and easy with these little ones. The more you keep the same as what they had before the easier they transition. Remember, everything is changing: food, clothes, time zone, language! It can be a bit overwhelming for them.
    Hope that helps!
    God Bless and praying for a quick court date for you!

  10. I m so thrilled for you! I even started crying! I can’t wait to see pictures of the two of you when she gets home! Tracey… YOU ARE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL! YAY! much love!

  11. We used the toddler bed because a) we already had a frame and b) the crib mattress fits a toddler bed and thus we put off buying another twin mattress for several months. At 4, DS is on a twin mattress on the floor, due to the way our bunk bed situation turned out.

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