Closer to having my Court Dossier complete

Well I am getting closer to having my dossier all done. I guess I don’t get why they just don’t request all of this before the first trip? Apparently some agencies do, some don’t, maybe it has to do with region assignment.. Who knows. But, I am almost done. On Friday I picked up my letter from the psychiatrist that reaffirms my sanity and ability to care for a child. Two copies and two notaries for said evaluation letter = $450. I was not expecting that. A psychologist would have been cheaper, but Russia likes an MD. I didn’t even try to use my health insurance. They take FOREVER to work thru the bureaucracy of a letter/evaluation and I just don’t have 6 weeks to wait. The ONLY document left that I need is from the pediatrician. My IA Pediatrician is Dr. D*av*ies of the team of D*av*ies and B*le*dsoe. My agency took a bit longer than I would have liked to get me a draft of the letter and what it needed to say. Dr. D*av*ies is on vacation but when he returns on Monday he will sign and notarize and overnight to me. Once I get that.. I am DONE.

I did manage to meet up with a friend of a friend, another SMC and she notarized 35 docs for me for free! I still have about 20 more to do but I’ll just have to pay for them. In total, it will be roughly 65 documents to take and get apostilled and send to Russia. Those documents make up 1 court dossier and one administrative dossier. Both make another BIG dent in my budget at $20 per document to apostille. Why couldn’t I live in any other state where apostilled are free OR $5 a page???? The joys of California!

As I get closer to the end, and the big money payments, I admit I am stressed. I know others who have done adoption can relate to this. I am very lucky that I was given a lot of size 18 months to 4t girl clothes. All in excellent condition, like hardly ever worn. Seriously, MG has WAY more clothes than she will ever wear. Washing them and putting away was so much fun. So having the clothing is one less thing to worry over. I do want to get her some new shoes, probably 2 pairs. My sister is having a toddler shower for me in September so I hope to get a lot of other necessities then. Luckily I had the room pretty much done. (BTW, thanks for all tips on toddler bed vs twin! I am going to go the twin route and have a travel sleeper handy if necessary.) I keep trying to get as much photo work as I can to make extra money. I am going to run a holiday special so I hope I can get some business from that and generate some extra cash. It’s amazing, because you think ok, the whole process will cost A, and really it’s about 10k more than that. It’s all the little stuff. Things like notary and apostilles and psychiatrists and gas to be driving all over town to get item a and then item b. Ugh.

So, in non whiney news, it has been over two weeks since I have seen MG. I watch videos everyday and look thru pictures. I keep wondering how she is and if she is having fun and laughing and playing. I am sure she is fine, but I can’t help but worry about things like.. I hope she doesn’t fall and break something or I hope she doesn’t catch a cold. Silly I know. I got a Rx in the mail from the IA Dr. It was a list of meds to get from the pharmacist prior to my next departure. All precautionary medications.

Other than that, nothing exciting going on. When I realize that I have possibly 10+ weeks I wonder how will the time go by quickly when 2 weeks feels like forever. But, come August, I am pretty busy so I know it will go by. Alright, better get back to work before bossman walks in and wonders what I am up to.


8 thoughts on “Closer to having my Court Dossier complete

  1. I’m sorry this is taking so long… and I am overjoyed to hear youve got the “mommy worries” 🙂

    I’d love to send a little something for your shower… or sooner 🙂 if that’d be ok with you, please let me know!

    I hope the next few weeks fly by!

  2. I imagine that it will be a huge relief when your court dossier is on its way…always good to feel as if you’re not the one slowing down the process!

    I used Dr.Davies during my daughters adoption in 2004…such a great guy, and his assistance went way be beyond pre-travel….he correctly diagnosed an illness that she developed on our trip home, returned multiple calls to KAZ, and was so reassuring.

    Stay busy and keep up with the nesting…she will be home before you know it!

  3. Oh, I hope time goes at warp speed until you have your girl back in your arms! (actually, i wish that for both of us, lol!) S’rsly, I can’t believe we are both getting our girls so close to one another! : ) Love you, girlie…

  4. 36 documents wow! I had 16 to gather for my region and that felt like a whole lotta papers. My paperwork is all completed with the Ministry and Immigration I am just waiting on my court date. The ball is bounced back to the russian court. Come on Russia!

  5. Wow. Unbelievable how much some of that costs. I hope it all goes quickly and that soon you’re on your way again. The picture of her is super cute by the way.

  6. That…is more notarizing than one person needs in a lifetime!

    I also would like to contribute to the toddler shower–any excuse to buy a pair of girly Pedipeds 🙂

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