And now, it is out of my hands…

Well, the completed dossier was dropped off at the Fed*Ex drop off at 3:30pm yesterday.  Soon, it will arrive at my agency.  From there, I guess they look at it all and then send it off to the team in Stavropol.  I know the team in Stavropol is eager to get it as they called last week to check when I would be sending it.  I received the final documents on Saturday.  I was waiting on my letter from Dr. Dav*ies office.  Monday night I made an appt and had the last 16 documents notarized.  Tuesday morning, I hit the road at 5:15am and drove to Sacramento to get everything apostilled.  I got there and was first in line.  The nice gentleman behind the counter, well his jaw dropped when he saw the stack, but then smiled and said, “this must be for an adoption”…  Why yes it is, this must not be his first rodeo!  Being that I am very organized, everything was put in order of notary.  There were 6 different notaries used.  He was grateful for my organization (yay me!).  He told me he would call me in a couple of hours when he was done.  So, to kill time, I headed over to I*kea to return some bookshelves that my sister had bought months ago and didn’t need and to spend her money on something for me 🙂  LOL!  But, to my surprise, they didn’t open until 10am.  So, I went next door to Wal*mart.

I walked slowly down the isles and then headed to the baby section because I just love looking at that stuff.  To my surprise, there, sitting amongst all the car seats, was the one.  The car seat that I had been obsessivly researching thinking about for the past week.  I was flipping back and forth between getting one now, or using the one I had for little longer more since it didn’t expire until 2012.  I sat and stared and stared and walked around then returned stare at it again.  I had seen it the week prior at BRU.  Matter of fact, I had Ava and Ryan sit in it to give me the child perspective with regards to comfort.  They both gave it 2 thumbs up.  And, there it was again in front of me.  It was the fabric I wanted in the color I wanted.  It was the only one.  And, it was $30 cheaper than BRU, but not as cheap as the one at BRU that was on sale but NOT the color or the fabric I wanted.  After 30 minutes of pondering, I got a cart and put it in and just bought it!  I am very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to put it in my car!

Soon enough I was able to return the items at the big I*kea.  I ended up spotting some baskets that I knew were perfect for my sister’s nursery (remember she is PG and due in Nov) and I picked them up for her, using her money from the bookcases, that’s me.. always on the lookout.  Plus, it was her money 🙂  After that I picked up my documents at the Sec of State office.  I then headed to my car, went thru each document and put it in the order of the requirement list.  Everything was there and in just the right spot.  In all, there were 64 documents.  Crazy HUH!????  Just to document it, I took a picture before it was packaged up and sent off.  And yes, those two magazine will make their way to Russia.  My translator in Stav asked for them to show his students….

So, now I am back to the waiting game.  It feels good to have the dossier done.  But more than ever I just want to get back there.  I pray the documents arrive safely and that the judge is satisfied with everything I have provided.  Most of all, I hope I can get a court date BEFORE My Girls b-day at the end of October!  So all you prayer warriors out there, if you have it in your heart, please pray for me and for MG to be reunited quickly, pray for the judge and that the paperwork I have submitted will provide the information they seek.

Well, Happy Thursday everyone!!!!





12 thoughts on “And now, it is out of my hands…

  1. Wow! That was some package! I hope it is the ticket to getting her before her birthday, that would be so special! : ) Thank you for sharing this journey with us! xxoo!

  2. I had a love hate relationship with sending things off. Loved that it got done and I didn’t have to be in charge of it any longer. Hated that I wasn’t in charge of it any longer and had to depend on others to get the next step done.
    Prayers that things will carry on smoothly.

  3. Isn’t it a great feeling to know the paperwork part is dunzo. You are soooo close and I am so overjoyed for you. The best is of course yet to come! Erin and Hannie

  4. Congrats on the HUGE accomplishment. Fingers are crossed for a very quick turn around and your little girl is home with you soon! I am very happy for you.


  5. Wow! A huge step closer to gotcha day. Looking forward to that post! Wishing you nothing but smooth sailing. You are in our thoughts.

  6. You’ve waited all your life for this moment so why not get the car seat you really really wanted. You and your little girl deserve the best of everything.

    I’ll be keeping everything crosses my friend that it goes smoothly from here on in.

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