Another Week Gone By

So it has been 7 LONG weeks since I was in Russia.  Feels like forever but then it doesn’t feel like that long ago.  It is a feeling hard to describe.  Each day I go thru pictures and video.  I laugh and smile.  I wonder what MG is doing and if she had a good day.  I keep the weather in her town on my phone so I can visualize the surroundings when I think of her.

I got an email from my translator saying that he finished translating everything and it has been sent to be reviewed.  Per my agency, they should be getting a list of additional items or changes …  well they said yesterday it would arrive and here it is today and no list yet.  Maybe nothing will be needed once the it is reviewed?  That would be my dream!  My hope is it looks fabulous and the judge agrees and she invites me to Russia in October.  That is what I pray for.  Soon as I hear more I will be sure to post.

In the meantime, I did make a couple of purchases this week.  Zu*lilly had a Bo*ba carrier for $69 so I ordered one.  I will be using it for travel home.  Also, I ordered up some shoes that were on sale at Stride*Rite.  Shoes that are too clunky make MG’s walking difficult.  While there in July I was informed that she had a shoe preference.  When I first MG they had her in some chunky pink sandles.  Well they were just too difficult for her to walk in and Irina (the caretaker) said they just put in her those because they dressed her up.  When we went to play, they took those off and put her favorites on.  So, I bought her some shoes that are light and easy to walk in like her favorites.

You know the two sets of people I met in my region when I was there in July both had 12 weeks between trips.  Well, if that hold true, that is only 5 weeks from now.  That will go quick.  And I am heeding all the advice on taking care of the projects now!  Tomorrow I plan on getting several things crossed off the list!




2 thoughts on “Another Week Gone By

  1. It is good advice Tracy. I didn’t do some prep because I found it hard to do when I did not know when he would be home and now I have left to get him and his room was left in a bit of disarray. My family will be busy finishing it up while I am away. My time between trips was shorter then anyone predicted so u never know. I am on the way to Moscow right now. Believe in magic

  2. Wow…7 weeks already! I’m sure you’re missing her. It’s gotta be tough to say, “my daughter,” but know she’s so far away!

    The things you never think of…the shoes. That was the furthest thing from my mind. I can’t wait for you to have her home!

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