OM Gosh …. List Making and NEEDS!!

My nephew Ryan says OM Gosh instead of OMG and it seriously is the cutest thing ever!  Just had to share!  BUT, in other news, looks like I have a court date and I will be making my way back to the Federation of Russia in roughly 15 days.  So, I am list making and prepping for travel!  I need HELP!  I had a power adapter issue last time and I need to make sure I bring one that can work on my laptop this time.  Anyone have a link of one they KNOW works that they can send me???  PLEASE I am begging.  Also, has any adoptive parent purchased a Russian Lullabye/Nursery Rhymes CD that they would be willing to burn for me and mail me.  The only one I could find is $20 and if I can avoid that purchase, that would be great.  I only ask because there are about 500 $20 purchases to make in the next 15 days and any saving at all would be great!

What does this mean?  This means my shower will be postponed and become a welcome home party.  I was not expecting to travel prior to October, but believe me, this is a welcome surprise!  Know what else this means?  I will be with her for her 2nd birthday!  yay!

So, to reiterate.  If any one of my readers can send me a link on a power converter/adapter that will work in russia and work for my laptop, that would be great!  Also, if anyone has a Russian nursery rhyme/song CD they can burn, I would be SOOO grateful!

I will post more in a day or so when my head stops spinning and I have some more info 🙂



21 thoughts on “OM Gosh …. List Making and NEEDS!!

  1. Ya! I remember this scramble scramble time as well. We received news a bunch of stuff was wrong, next day we got a court date, love it.

    I don’t have any Russian kids CDs. I played soft classical music when Oliver went to sleep. I can burn you a CD of that if you’re interested.

    As far as a power adapted do you just mean a converter? I have the one we used, it’s nothing fancy, but got me through the whole month long trip without an issue.

    You can email me if you are interested in a CD or the converter.

  2. 15 days?? Holy Wow!!! I am so excited for you!! Can’t wait to see her sweet TWO YEAR OLD face! So nice to get to spend birthdays together! Congrats Mama!

  3. Wow! This is just the best news 🙂
    I’ve been following your journey for a long time and I’m just busting with joy and happiness for you!

    Why don’t you have a paypal button on your blog?! I would love to send you something to cover one of those 500 $20 items

  4. Ya just gotta believe in miracles sista! Oh and maybe try red shoes fir court. Roman is digging Raffi but I am sure I can find a cd here for u. Tonight we travel to Moscow wish us luck

  5. Congratulations-what great, exciting news!

    I am assuming that Russia uses the same adaptors as Kazakhstan, two round prongs. I have two from our adoption that I sent to another family. They sent them back and I would be more than happy to send them to you. Email me at with your snail mail info and I will mail them to you.

    Lynda Robey

  6. YAY! So excited for you!! I would love to purchase the CD for you as a baby gidt. Send me your snail mail crazyboutstamps and I will order from Amazon and send it directly to you!!!

    Anne Marie

  7. Amazing! Congratulations on getting your court date! have a lovely time scrambling towards Russia and your almost 2 y.o!

  8. I’ve also been following your journey since nearly the BEGINNING, and I can’t tell you how EXCITED and HAPPY I am for you! I’ve prayed for you so many times through hopes, disappointments, loss, etc…and now your dream of one day becoming a MOMMY is finally here!!!! 🙂 Over the moon happy for you, Traci! Be safe on your journey and I can’t WAIT to see pictures of Mommy and Vera together!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. I am so thrilled to hear the news! EEk! You deserve this. I am so very happy you and can’t wait to hear all about the trip and your life as a family together. Many hugs! Have a safe trip. xo!

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