Lots of Little Details But Getting Closer

Hard to believe that in one week I will be packing up and shipping off for three weeks. Everything will change for the better. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m so ready for it! My mind is always in thinking mode. Last night I was deciding between two hotels in Moscow. The Marriott Grand which has a special adoption rate (and Marriott, should you want to comp my stay for a review… Let me know!) and then the Holiday Inn which is about 6 miles from Red Square so if we go there… No moving around. I’m pretty sure the Marriott is winning….

Besides that, I have been organizing the house. I need some door things for the pantry and the cleaning closet. Maybe I will grab those tonight when I pick up the travel Rx from Dr Da*vies at tar**get. I’m a little overwhelmed financially speaking. Lots of things to buy since I’m not having a shower and of course this last leg comes with lots of expenses. I know I’ll get thru it. But, if you know me, money is my stress trigger. Which means I eat bad and that box of double stuff Oreos that I ate up last weekend… Suffered. But boy they were good!!

I wanted to say Thank You to Friendamy for sending a gift! I cant wait to use the lotion after her evening baths! That stuff smells SO good! MeAndBaby I opened the gift! Love it!! Right now it’s sitting in her newly designed and organized play area :-). Ann Marie … I got the CD yesterday and put it on at work and I love it! I’m sure V will too!

Ok, off to get ready for work! Happy Tuesday!!!


9 thoughts on “Lots of Little Details But Getting Closer

  1. Hi, If you like the smell of smoke, I would stay at the Holiday Inn. Igor, recommended the holiday Inn once to me and, I stayed 1 night, that was enough. I love the Marriott. I am so happy for you!!

  2. I am glad it came befor eyou left!!!. There still is another that will be coming……Praying for safe travels for you and V……….

  3. The Marriott is great, but oh so expensive. Oliver and I stayed at an apartment for $100 a night. We stayed a little further outside Moscow, but there are apartments in the Red Sq. area that run about $130 a night. We got our apartment through our driver. However there are plenty of listings on websites. I was in Moscow for 10 days so it was an astronomical savings for us. We shopped at a grocery store and cooked at “home” instead of eating out, also a bit of savings. Many apartments come with free internet, which is also over priced at the hotel.
    My husband never got to see the apartment, so he was nervous for our safety, but since our driver was looking after Oliver and I he calmed down and figured it would be fine. It totally was.
    I must admit I’m jealous that you get to travel during this time of year. The weather is going to be much nicer than February! I’m sure you two will get to explore so much more then we did.

  4. The Marriot I hear is a great choice for Moscow.

    I wish you the best in your travels! We leave on the 23rd. This is our second time around. This time for an 18 month old baby girl.

    I took Cold Plays Lullabies from Rock a bye and you can find them on I-Tunes and they have several different bands that have lullabies including The Cure.

    Thank you for your post!

  5. you’re welcome! and it looks like they broke up the shipment… I hope you got both boxes! 🙂 try to get some relaxation in a bit before you go… it’ll do you good!

  6. Hey, I’d love to send you something for your little one’s arrival. Would you please send me your address to cassidyd at hotmail.com Thanks 🙂

  7. Tracey – good luck on your trip. I hope court goes smoothly. Sorry we will miss each other over there. Will be thinking good thoughts for you.

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