Countdown is On … Two more days!

Well as you can imagine, things have been SUPER busy over the past couple of days.  Between getting myself organized, packed, V packed, cleaning the house, preparing the house, running around to the bank, to the Dr, to the store…. Oh and did I mention I still have to drive to Sacramento to get the last 3 documents apostilled tomorrow morning!   YIKES.  But I pretty much am enjoying all of it, less the upcoming 2.5 drive to Sac.  I didn’t have a chance to get the carpets cleaned before I left, but my mom or my sister will coordinate it prior to my arrival home, as well as a quick house cleaning 🙂

Yesterday I had quite the surprise.  As I mentioned my shower was scheduled for the 24th and was cancelled since I am leaving on the 21st.  My sister and two girlfriends planned a little BBQ.  Since they live in my sisters neighborhood, I would head that direction and we would BBQ my favorites and sit, drink margaritas and let the kids run wild.  Well, to my surprise, my sister was able to coordinate a SURPRISE shower.  OMG.. I WAS FLOORED!  No idea at all.  She convinced me to get dressed since it was going to be my only party and we would post pics on FB and have them forever.  So, I agreed.  I would hate to look a hot mess on FB!  hahah  But anyway, I walked in and there were like I don’t know 30 people.  People that came from LONG ways to see me.  I am crying again just thinking about it.  I was so surprised and so grateful that they would drop their plans, and do this for me.  AMAZING.  What wonderful friends and family I have.  I always knew they were something special.

So, the party was great.  My sister did an amazing job cooking everything.  There was grilled chicken pesto slider, spaghetti and home made sauce, ravioli, salad, appetizers.. THE WORKS.  I don’t know how she did it.  All this while 8 months pregnant.  I visit with the guests and then it was time for games and presents.  I can’t even believe the gifts.  So much.  I am SOO lucky and SOOO grateful.  I gave a little speech to thank everyone after the gifts and I cried again.  Pretty sure I made everyone cry….. hahahah

I spent most of last night up looking at everything, reading the cards and crying some more.  Like crying so much that I woke up with puffy eyes and a headache.  I was and am just overwhelmed.  It’s hard to believe that in two days I leave to make the final leg of this very long journey.

So the packing.. wow, lots of stuff and I will not be able to use my little luggage that I used on my first trip.  No way.  I am borrowing my sisters large luggage.  Half for me and half for V.  Luckily my entertainments is an Ipad and takes up hardly any space.

OK Question Time!

1.  Did you give your translators a thank you gift?

2.  What are some good snack foods/drinks for the plane that will not make a tummy that is not used to this food upset?

3.  I know baths can be hard but what about brushing of teeth? I don’t think I have ever read anyone say whether this was a challenge or not.  I am assuming yes and any tips on this would be appreciated.

4.  Introduction of toys at home.  Best way to do this without over stimulating?  Or is this not an issue and I’m just being silly?

5.  Any other tips/advice/suggestions???


17 thoughts on “Countdown is On … Two more days!

  1. I’m a long time lurker whose read your blog for years and I just want to say how very happy I am that your dreams of a child have come true. Happy and safe travels to you and a big welcome to your new daughter.

  2. No advice for you, but OMG! I can’t believe this is IT! My heart is so filled with joy for you… I cannot even explain. And to be able to share the fulfilling of our dreams at the same time is a gift for me that I will never take for granted. : ) Love you lots, thank you for always being there for me when I needed it. If I don’t talk to you before – have a safe trip and hug my little niece for me! xxoo.

  3. We adopted sons at both 21 months and 3 yrs 11 months. They both enjoyed cheerios, goldfish crackers, teddy grahams and fruit for snacks. We modeled brushing our teeth and then got fun children’s toothpaste flavors. We didn’t push too hard until we were home a couple of weeks to do a perfect job. Both kids had many cavities on arrival home so we were gentle. We did give our translators Thank you gifts. We released 2-3 toys at a time after getting home. It was fun to see the “new toy” excitement each time. Both boys loved regular household items too like pushing strollers, opening doors, flipping light switches. Hope that helps! Jacqueline

  4. What a blessing! It really does take a village.


    1. I have our translator a small gift on the first trip. I make jewelry, so I made a simple black necklace.

    2. I brought a whole box of cheerios, mostly to take up room in the suitcase, so I wouldn’t pack other stuff! Oliver spent a lot of time eating O’s on the plane. He mostly drank water. When we were in Russia he drank water and an apple juice/water mixture. I also cruised the baby isle at target for some other snack foods. Puffs, banana cookies, and some crunchy wheels. The crunchy wheels were the best because they took him longer to eat. A friend said I should bring disposable bibs. She was right, I loved those things.

    3. Brushing teeth was hard, but unlike bathing brushing teeth (in my book) is a non-negotiable. When I modeled brushing teeth he thought it was hilarious, but really hated having his brushed and didn’t like doing it himself. I just kept at it, even when he didn’t like it. I would give him something to hold on to, or let him stick his feet in the sink water while I brushed. Eventually, a few weeks, he came around.

    4. We started out small. I put a number of toys away in his closet for later, still have some up there.

    5. The hardest part, for me, was the plane ride from Moscow to Atlanta. He stayed awake the entire time, actually he managed to stay awake for about 21 hours straight. He didn’t have any jet lag when he got home, but it was a hard 21 hours. I had no intentions of giving Oliver a pacifier, so I didn’t bring one with me, but looking back I think it might have helped him relax and possibly sleep on the plane.

    Have so much fun! Write everything down, it’s so busy and you don’t want to forget those moments and those feelings.

  5. Obviously no tips since my little ones are younger than V but just wanted to send a happy, cheery hug!! Have a safe trip. Cannot wait to read more.

  6. I have been away and have not read about your happenings in a few months. Oh my god, its finally happening. I can not describe how excited I am for you that you are finally getting a little one for yourself. CONGRATULATIONS!! All your hard work and determination has finally paid off. Enjoy your precious little girl.

  7. Aww, it sounds like a wonderful shower! I still get all weepy when I re-read the cards I got at my shower.

    I’m just so very very happy for you and I can’t wait to hear more! Have a safe trip!

  8. So excited for your countdown and happy that you had such a wonderful shower!! Wow! Two days! I have 16 but who’s counting? 🙂

  9. Aww… I am so very happy for you. Two days and counting! Eek. You and V deserve each other so much! Have a safe trip and a happy start to the beginnings of your family!

  10. What a wonderful sister and friends you have!!!
    Very exciting that you’ll see your daughter soon! 🙂 Have a safe trip.
    (I’m still “battling” the brushing of the teeth, we just sadly mostly don’t)

  11. you leave tomorrow! holy smokes 🙂 before you leave – you might download some kid apps on your iPad for the plane (the ABA flash cards are awesome!) or a kids cartoon (bubble guppies is a hit here). those have been lifesavers on the flights I’ve taken with Caleb – at ages 15m to 4y!

    have a safe flight – I can’t wait to see pics!

  12. Hey Trac
    I’ve been home a week and tried to keep home and quiet but Roman seems to be happiest when he’s busy. I think I may have been understimulating him so now we play with kids, toys, and my loud family. He is super giggly and loving his new life. You will know what’s right for Vera when you’re home together.

  13. I am so behind in celebrating your good news- but WOW!! what wonderful, wonderful news to read!!
    I can not wait for your next update!!

  14. I’ve been a reader for a while, although don’t think I’ve ever commented. Just wanted to wish you and your baby girl the very best. I am overwhelmed with emotion for the both of you. Enjoy and savor every moment.

  15. I just can’t believe it’s this close!

    I don’t have very much experience here, but the Cheerios sounds like a great idea. Also, if you can make the tooth brushing seem like a reward, that might work.

    As far as the toys go, I’d just let her have at it…she’ll stop when she’s overwhelmed. I am grinning like an idiot with happiness for you!

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