Destination Mommyhood

Well, today is the day I began my travels for Russia trip #2 destination Mommyhood! I left this morning out of San Jose and flew into Houston. I had a little layover. It was 3 hours and it went quick. My only issue was that for some reason I could not get my iPad to connect to the wi-fi there or any airport for some reason… Wonder why??

Anyway, my second flight was on Singapore Airlines. Singapore Air rocks. Their seat size and spacing is comparable to Delta premium economy. Plus, they are super attentive and in all honesty, the food was not bad. Lots of TV and movies for you to watch. It ended-up being a light flight and I had a row of three seats all to myself. I slept 9 hours out of the 12 hour flight! We fly this flight home, lets hope the experience is just as good. Strangest thing, when I got off the plane… My feet became super swollen!! Never had that happen before I wonder why?? Lack of water???

Igor picked me up and we headed off to the next airport to catch my domestic flight. The drive should take about an hour. Traffic was horrific!! It took us 3 hours!!! Thank goodness I had that 6 hour layover! When we got to the airport, I checked my luggage and they made me check my carry on. It was too heavy apparently. Nonetheless I paid the fee and Igor and I had a cup of coffee and filled out some paperwork.

I finished up the remaining 2 hour wait at the gate reading and wondering why my iPad and my phone SAY they are connected to the Internet, however they won’t connect. Also, there was a gentleman waiting who decided headphones were an option for his iPod and shared his music with all of us. At this point the swelling in my feet is noticeably less… So I’m happy though they are still puffy…. Hmmm

The flight to Stavropol boarded and there we sat, on lockdown on the runway for an hour… Blah! The plane landed at 12:30. Vlad picked me up and drove me to the hotel. Alex met us there. I am supposed to be up and ready to start my day of medicals. I guess it consists if driving all over town. Sounds fun…. The good thing is we are targeting to leave Stav to morrow and head to Pyatigorsk. I am supposed to see Vera at 4pm and then again sat and Sun!

Court will be Monday and Tuesday. I have not decided if I will blackout the blog Sunday thru Tuesday, password protect or just be silent. I’ll see what my gut tells me… I know maybe I’m being paranoid… But what can I say…

If I do go black, rest assured it’s just for a few days and I will be live again. If you have my email, you can always email me 🙂

So I had intended to post pictures of my packed bags, some gifts and things like that, but time just got away from me. I was a nervous wreck leaving this morning. I didn’t forget anythinng earth shattering, but i did forget a few things.

I was able to get the majority of stuff done at home preparing for V’s arrival. But, some things my sister and my mom will take care of. Like being there for the carpet cleaner before I arrive home, and a quick vacuum and dusting. I should have gone grocery shopping … I’ll just send my mom to go before I come home…just for the basics.

Alright better try to relax!!


10 thoughts on “Destination Mommyhood

  1. Hope your trip goes well and you’re soon home again. The swelling is likely just dependent edema but if you noticed any reddness or warmth at a certain spot a doc may be needed as blood clots sometimes happen with long flights (DVTs). Good luck!

  2. Very excited for you! Not sure if you meant to, but you say her name, not just her initial in about 4th paragraph from bottom. Beautiful by the way!

  3. Tracey, I am so sorry we weren’t able to catch up before you left, but I know how busy you were, and didn’t want to bother you or take up any of your valuable time! I am glad I finally remembered you had a blog and found it deep in my favorites 🙂
    I am so excited for you, this time is priceless, and so honored to follow along! I will definatly being lighting a candle and saying court prayers for you, you will do great though! So very happy for you that you will be with her for her 2nd bd!! xoxo

  4. So excited to see that you’ve arrived safely and have the most extraordinary week ahead of you…look forward to reading your new of JOY!!! Best wishes!

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