Getting to know each other

Sorry I am a bit behind… Its Sunday morning and I’m at breakfast my last day here in Pyatigorsk. So, yesterday… Let’s see….

Well I headed off to the orphanage at 9:30. It’s about a 12 min drive. When I arrived I headed to the Directors office to sign something and get V’s vaccination sheet. The secretary there is so nice… She was like, you must be tired since it is night time in America. If I didn’t have seeing V on my next stop I probably would be. So, after some chit chat and smiles, I headed off to V’s building. I walked in and they were putting her sweatshirt on. She went straight for me today and was in great spirits. Off we went outside to play. I tried on the shoes that I bought her and whew they fit! We laughed and played and got to know each other. Ay 11:30 they brought me her lunch and I fed her. After that, it was time for her tea and nap… So I left and would be returning at 4.

Nonna (my translator) and I headed to the market. I got some spices to take home, some fruit for my room for lunch and snacks, some armenian bread and we tasted all the cheeses. It was fun. I took a little nap and then met Nonna at 4 to head back to the orphanage.

V was happy to see me and the caregivers smile when they see her walk up to me with arms out for me to pick her up. It started sprinkling so we played in the sheltered play area. We laughed some more and she mimics a lot. She knows up, come here, sit down, touch it … She’s doing great and it’s amazing to see her personality come out. I am learning about her likes and dislikes. 5:15 came too quickly and then it was time to go home.

I downloaded videos and chatted with my sister. Then a slept a little. I actually slept terrible last night and I am sure I will fall asleep on the ride back to Stavropol. The plan for today is that I will see V this morning. Then head back to the hotel to pack up. Alex will pick me up at 2:30 and then I will see V one more time. We will then drive back to Stavropol and I am to be in day 1 of court tomorrow at 2pm. Then court again Tuesday morning.

The team here is amazing. They are helpful and Alex just knows how to get things done and wants to make sure I get to see V as much as possible. I can’t say enough how grateful i am that i am in their hands. The staff at the orphanage is also great. They let me come and go and pretty much just let me have V for the time I am there and let us do whatever. I get sad thinking V will lose all her groupa friends. I am going to ask if I van take a picture of her with them … Worst they can say is no….

Well one more cup of coffee and then off to see V! Paka for now!!


4 thoughts on “Getting to know each other

  1. enjoy your day! Have a safe ride back. Positive thoughts and good wishes sent your way for court!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of mom and daughter 🙂

  2. Sounds like things are going well. I hope they continue to do so and that court goes well and quickly!

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