Home at Last

Well sorry it has taken me several days to get something up.  In addition to of course heading out at 7am for a 13 hour flight to Houston and then a 4 hour flight to San Jose… Vera had a had a cold, a case of pink eye and Momma got sick too.  The worst cold I have had in over a year.  BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world!  So let me recap since I last posted…

Saturday Oct 1st we woke up and got ready for our flight.  We had to leave at 7 for the airport.  We checked out at 6:45 and waited on Igor to arrive.  He got there at 7am and off we went!  We made it to the airport and checked in and got to security where Igor left us.  We thanked him and on our way to the Security Screening area met a nice man.  Dad of 7 who had adopted 2 girls 6 years ago.  What  life saver he was in getting the bins loaded and us thru security.  Also on that side was Kathy.  Kathy is another Single Mama whose blog is over there on the bottom right.  She was in Moscow visiting her daughter on trip 1.  The two of them were so helpful and it was great to sit and chat with fellow AP’s and Americans while waiting on the flight to board.  They were able to watch my bags while Vera and I walked off some energy.  Both Kathy and Cody were in awe of how well Vera was doing and how good the bonding was going.  Coming from other AP’s that made me feel great!  As a parent I thought our bonding was going well, but confirmation from others who have been in my shoes.. well that helps a lot!

We boarded the plane a little late but Vera did fabulous.  No tears and she seemed excited to be on the plane.  She fell asleep almost immediately and slept for the first 2 hours.  She ate some and we played some.  I got up to walk around a bit with her and she wasn’t interested in it.  But, I had to go potty anyway so off we went.  That was the most traumatic part of the journey.  She does NOT like bathroom.  Hotel bathroom, airplane bathrooms, restaurant bathrooms, any sort of small space will set off a panic attack of sorts.  I pottied with her on my lap in a plane.. not easy.  But we survived.   At about the 3 hours left mark she and I both dozed off for about 45min to an hour.  Then we landed.  YAY!!!

From there we got off the plane and headed thru immigration.  They took us to a back room.  There the nasty mean old man of an Immigration Officer processed our paperwork.  No joke, this guy was an A$$hole.  I don’t swear much on this blog but he was terribly mean and rude.  After he went thru the paperwork he called us over and handed me “my sons” passport explaining that this was proof of residency and that her permanent residency card would arrive in 4-6 months so she can use to apply for Social Security or whatever.  Well, I corrected him and explained it was my DAUGHTER (I guess the big BOW wasn’t clue enough) and that she was not a permanent resident that she should become a citizen.  He rolled his eyes at me and I was about to say something when another agent chimed in and corrected him and confirmed my statement.  Then he states, well no one told me that when kids are adopted they automatically become citizens.  Well whatever, it should take 4-6 months still.  Instead of slapping him I just grabbed my stuff and walked away.  We got our luggage, checked if for our next flight and then met up with my dear friends Rachel and Brandi outside of baggage claim since we had 3 hours to kill.

Spending that time with them was great.  Vera was a little shy but that was to be expected.  We talked and chatted it up and soon it was time to head back in and to the gate.  The flight with Continental was horrible.  The flight attendants were not very attentive and it was a bit frustrating.  But then again, my patience was low as I was going on  hours of being awake.  We landed in San Jose on time at 8pm and I rushed off the plane because I KNEW my family was there and I needed to see them SO bad.  We hauled to the area where family can wait and there they were.. Happy and Smiling and in awe that the moment had finally arrived.  They had signs and Ava and Ryan couldn’t stop saying how cute she was.  we hugged and chatted and hugged some more.  We got our luggage and then headed home.  We got in the house roughly 9:30.  My mom and sister had cleaned the house sparkly and bought groceries so that was super helpful.  Vera and I walked around and I showed her her new home.  She was happy and very interested in everything.  I put some things away and changed us into jammies.  We played a bit and about 11 I got her bottle ready and we rocked in the rocking chair and she fell asleep in my arms. I laid her in the bed and there she slept until I woke her the next morning at 9:30am.

Sunday we were mellow in the morning.  My dad came over before he had to work and of course Vera was hesitant.  Later my sister and the kids came over and she was SOO happy to be around other kids.  She laughed and laughed and my heart lit up time and time again.  After that we headed to my moms for a bit and she ran and played in the yard with the kids.  She won’t let anyone hold her besides me, but everyone understands that is for the best.  Our bonding is going amazing.  Better than I had every imagined.

The past few days we have spent more time getting to know each other and I am learning lots about her.  The way she likes her food, what food she doesn’t like, what food she does.  How she likes to be held and when she is thirsty or hungry.  She is starting to want to eat and will ask for something.   She does not like small rooms (like bathrooms) at all.  Panic screams the works.  Regardless if she is in them or watching me be in them.  Anyone else ever deal with that, if so what did you do to help with the transition?  Sounds like the vacuum or a drill are frightening, but that isn’t a surprise to me.  She hates bathtime of course, but that is to be expected.  We are slowly getting better with that.   She loves her toys and building and running and playing.  She knows how to give mommy a kiss and she loves to run into my arms and then I throw her in the air.  She likes to play the xylophone on the ipad and she LOVES to sing and dance.  She says Bye and Hi and Up.  I think she says Ryan too.  I haven’t heard mommy yet but she knows that is my name.  She is just an amazing little person and I am so proud to be her mommy.  I love her so much.  It really feels as if she and I were meant to be together.  I believe in my heart we were.  We found each other in this big world and we are both enjoying these days.

I have tons more to say but this post has taken me all day and it time to feed myself.  I have chicken cutlets in the oven.   I fed Vera already.  She enjoyed my version of Orphanage Potato and Carrot with Bread and Broth moosh.  She really liked it!

I apologize for typos and bad grammar.  If I spend more time proofreading this post will never posted!  I promise to post more in the coming days!  In the meantime, a few pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂





24 thoughts on “Home at Last

  1. I am at the hospital wit my husband, or i would take more time to write you a book all about how incredibly THRILLED i am to see this post! Your daughter is beautiful and I am so proud of you (of us) for never giving up on the dream. Love you!

  2. Tracey! She is gorgeous! What a cutie pie! I am so happy that you two are bonding and learning more about each other. You are a mommy. YOU ARE A MOMMY!!!! WOOOOOWHOOOOOOO!!!!

    Enjoy your little girl!

  3. Beautiful pictures – Vera is just adorable! So thrilled things are going so well. My boys were often referred to as girls – go figure, and our US (Chicago to Sea) flight was far worst then the long international one, cranky attendants. Ahh, the memories! Enjoy these firsts together at home 🙂 xoxo talk to you soon!!

  4. Hooray! I have been checking every day for an update. I am so glad you made it home and that Vera is doing so great. I am just thrilled for you. ALl these years of waiting and wondering have finally come to an end. Now your life begins as a Mommy! Congratulations!

  5. she is so precious!! I’m glad you guys made it home unscathed! I can’t imagine 20 hours of traveling with a toddler – it sounds like she did amazing 🙂

    don’t apologize for not updating! 🙂 we know you have your hands full (in the best way possible!) – update when you can, we’ll be here! *hugs*

  6. i’ve been following your blog for a long time, and i’m thrilled to see this post. your daughter is beautiful, enjoy!

  7. Oh, sweetie, I can’t express how much this post just melts my heart! I’m sooooo very happy for you…so happy. I read this with a huge smile on my face. 🙂

  8. Glad you’re home, and that you’re both doing well. I know your family is happy to have you home!! Thanks for sharing her with us for just a little while during your layover. MUAH!!!

  9. Welcome home! Vera is so cute and that cute little pixie smile is SO sweet! Enjoy!

  10. I’m pretty sure my husband and I met the same !@#$% customs agent at the Houston airport last week that caused us to miss our flight for our court appointment. Luckily we were able to squeeze everything we had to do in one day and the judge said DA!!!

  11. Oh,Tracey! I’m all teary reading this. Your daughter is HOME! I’m so incredibly happy for you. This was such a hard, long road to Vera. You are both blessed to have each other.

  12. So happy for you, Tracey and VErochka! your story made me think about adoption. we checked the federal database and there is a boy in Irkutsk that looks like my long lost son and he was born about a month before my due date (with a boy that I miscarried.) The only problem is that you need to live in Russia for a year to adopt as a resident, and I did not. But my brother and sister-in-law fell in love with him too (he looks like my nephew’s twin), so may be they could adopt him. That’s the way your story works, Tracey. Looks like it really was meant to be that way 🙂 Spasibo and Poka!

  13. Congratulations again!!! I am so happy that you both made it home safe and sound – and into the wonderful, loving arms of your family. Vera looks like a little angel – so sweet! And that hair—it’s gorgeous!
    All of your pictures are beautiful, especially the one with both of you. You were clearly destined to be together. After all, you look so similiar 🙂

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