Loving, Laughing and Learning

The days with Vera are full.  Full of lots of love, laughter and learning.  We are getting into our routine and each day we have new experiences that I know we are both so very grateful for.

I know I have said it before, but I am just so happy.  I know that there were times along the journey that were really crappy.  Miscarriages, failed cycles, embryo’s that didn’t survive the thaw, and those things haven’t been forgotten or lost from my mind.  I do however believe they influenced who I am; as a sister, aunt, friend, coworker, family member and especially as a mother.

For those of you that are new followers, I had previously hidden the past 4 years of posts.  Mostly because I admit, I was paranoid it would affect my adoption in some way.  That the courts might think I settled on adoption and that is NOT the case at all.  I believe that the experiences of the past 4 years paved the road to leave me to Vera.  But, in the midst of the stress of adoption, you worry about everything.  Wanting nothing to jeopardize your efforts you sometime censor your words in posts.  Which is what I did by hiding those years.  Anyway, the posts will be back up by the end of this weekend.  There are a lot of posts, and I have to shut the blog down temporarily to reload them, but I will do it.  I also have a post running thru my head about the whole adoption experience, tips, thoughts, feelings, etc.  Let me prelude that I had THE BEST experience.  There were bumps and frustrations along the way, but if I stand back and take a look…  It went smoothly and quickly.  Any bumps were human error and it is hard to fault that.  Though in the process it can feel overwhelming.

OK OK, now some of the stuff you are probably itching for!  Vera news.  This weekend we decided to venture off to the pumpkin patch.  First we took out the stroller we got as a gift.  I needed to make sure I knew how to work it.  Vera got so excited to see it and hopped right in!  TOO CUTE.  Mommy figured it out and then we got dressed and loaded up the diaper bag and the Tahoe.  The pumpkin patch is about 10 min into town.  We got there and met up with my sister, John and the kids.  We rode the train and went on a hay ride.  Not appealing at all to Vera.  But, she did love the petting zoo.  There were goats and chickens.  The girl LOVED the chickens.  She calls them coo coo’s.  She touched them no problem.  She even petted some very mellow non biting/non aggressive goats.

Sunday was a stay at home day and we did just that.  We walked the neighborhood, wandered over to the park. Explored grass, and watched the kids swing.  It was a great day.  Lots of learning and laughing and having fun.  Monday night she asked for her Bottle.  I was rocking her to sleep and she had previously not wanted it, but mid-rock, she must have changed her mind.  It was great to hear and see her express herself.   On Tuesday morning, she was looking at her little camera that has a picture of a dog.  She brought it to me and pointed to the dog and said, clear as day, “Dog”.  YAY Vera!  No Mama or Mommy yet but she knows who I am and I am sure it will come.

She continues to improve each day.  She brushes her teeth no problem (this actually was never a problem with her).  Baths are better and she even enjoys the snuggles and the reassurances of love she gets after she is wrapped up in her towel afterwards.  She mumbles trying to repeat what I am saying, which is usually, “it’s okay Vera.  mommy loves you.  mommy loves you very much Vera.  mommy will always take care of you and never hurt or let anyone or anything hurt you”  Amazingly enough, she even ventured IN my bathroom while I was getting ready yesterday.  I was quiet surprised to back up to turn to check on her (I keep some toys in my bedroom so she can sit outside the bathroom and watch if she wants, but mostly play) and viola, she was standing right there behind me!

She is eating great.  For a few days it was like she was an endless eating machine, but she seems to know now that food is available and you don’t have to eat constantly as it will be there if needed.  She is drinking more so that is good too.  We will venture to Trad*er J*oes today and see if we can find some of the suggested goods there :-).  There happens to be one about 5 min from my house.

The biggest issue we have really is if she sees another child eating what she has (i.e. puffs) she does not want them to have it.  NOT.AT.ALL.  It’s like she thinks Puffs are just hers.  Now, I don’t know if this is a food thing or a sharing thing, because she is the same way with her toys.  When it is hers, it is hers.  No sharing with any kids.  Now, for the record the only kids that have actually played with Vera have been Ava and Ryan and Gio (my friends little boy who is about the same age as V) but her temper to hold on to hers is pretty intense and for the moment, I have asked the kids to be extra sharers and they have been and they are so good.  Anyone have insight on this?  Tips, etc???

Music and Dancing.  Vera loves both.  I love both.  We are a match made in heaven for sure.  As I mentioned before we watch a little baby ei*stien.  She is addicted to Animals on the Farm.  LOVES it.  Soon as the song “Old MacDonald” comes on.  She tries her darndest to sing it.  Here is a little (well long) video for your viewing pleasure.

Kids really are little learning machines.  She watches everything.  See mommy drink from her water bottle and put the lid back on.  She wants and does it too.  Stairs?  Mommy shows her two options for climbing.  One is crawling UP them and the other is holding the special little kid handrail I had installed.  She knows exactly what to do and when I say we need to go upstairs to change or do something.. off she goes as I follow behind!  Her weeble wobble house, well it has a button on it.  Each time you hit it different sounds come out.  The pattern on how to get the music sounds.. She has it figured out.  It is really amazing to watch her play and wonder how things work.  She was feeding her baby doll last night and I thought it was so sweet.  She is eager to reach the light switches to “help” mommy turn them off and on.  She stretches with all her might.  I bet in a month she will reach them.

I put her on the scale yesterday.  She was 22 maybe a wee bit over 22 lbs.  The Dr in Russia weighed her in at 21 lbs.  So she is putting on weight.  She has much more energy than when I first got her and I love helping her use it up.  We chase each other, we play blocks, we sing songs and she follows me to help me with laundry or dishes.  Before bed, we pick up toys together and put them in their place so we know where to find them the next morning.  I do however need to invest in a couple of more baskets.  She still hate stuffed animals.  I am hopeful that will change because my dad bought her the CUTEST hugest stuffed doggie.

Well, that is about it for now.  Mama is going to enjoy one more cup of coffee before Vera wakes up.  Oh!  A little on that and then I am done!  She has slept in her bed no problem since we have been home.  We rock, she sleeps, I put her down.  She wakes up anywhere between 7:30 until 8:30 in the morning.  One of my favorite things…. to listen to her breathe on the monitor.  LOVE the sound.. puts me to sleep each night ~

Happy Wednesday everyone!


8 thoughts on “Loving, Laughing and Learning

  1. I am so glad you found each other. As an adopted person who gained lovely parents it is a gift you are each so blessed to have. I can see you are cherishing every moment which is great as they change so quickly. I only recently found your block and am rejoicing with you as you do all the new firsts.

  2. I’m so thrilled to read about all the positives!! brushing get teeth and sleeping in her own bed? that’s awesome!! the sharing thing can definitely be a “two year old” thing – if I see it, it’s mine. if I want it, it’s mine. if it looks like mine, it’s mine.

    I love reading about your little adventures 🙂

  3. You sound so happy! =D
    You where asking about sharing, our little boy was older then V when he came home, but had the same problem, now after a year home, he’s slowly learning to share, but we still ask if there’s some toys he doesn’t want other kids to play with before they come, and if there is then we put them away. It seemed to help our boy a lot during the early days.
    He still has some problems about sharing, mostly if there’s lot of kids around, like on his birthday… We tend to be very picky when it comes to sharing with our boy, and make sure that he doesn’t take toys without asking, but also that he shares them if there’s other kids…

    But all in all, just give it time, it will ease…

  4. You are a superwoman Trac. Roman is Sooo busy, he is wearing mama out but what a wonderful way to be exhausted.
    We still need to have our champagne date 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness. I am sooooo happy for you!!! My heart has ached for you over the years and to finally get to see your dream come true is just beautiful. You are so deserving of this blessing. And Vera is blessed to have you. You were destined to be a mom and I’m so glad that you persisted on your path. The last time I read your blog you were in Russia so to check in tonight and see pictures of the little beauty home at last with her mama just made my night. Peace and love to your family.
    P.S. You may not remember me but I’m Jen – a long time follower of yours (from 2006 on the NW boards). I had a blog “Diary of a Baby-Wantin’ Woman.” I took it private once my daughter was born and renamed it “Mad World” (still private but if you want an invite, feel free to email me at janddaz at hotmail dot com).

  6. I am still beaming for you. Love the dancing!!! I can’t blame her about the hayride…they’re so itchy!

    I’m glad you’re releasing your infertility blogs…it really lets people know where you’ve been. I believe I’ve been around for quite a while and it’s so nice to see you FINALLY getting what you so deserve! Love all of the pictures…she is just wonderful.

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