So, after two weeks home together we seem to be getting into a routine.  Vera continues to do well and continues to understand so much more than I could have hoped for.  We normally take a walk in the afternoon to the park.  Good exercise for Vera and for Mommy.  Well yesterday, we were playing on the grass and an older man and his grand-daughter walked into the park.  He was talking and it sounded familiar, and Vera noticed it too.  We both heard “OPAH” as he swung her on the swing and there it was, Russian.  She instantly wandered over there to hear what was going on.  He didn’t speak a word of English and my Russian is so bad.  He was asking how old and I told him 2 and his grand-daughter was 18 months.  I told him Vera understands Russian and I think he understood what I said because he spoke to her in Russian, she smiled and clapped her hands.  After that I wondered what she thought.  I wondered if she was happy to hear some familiarity.  I wondered if it made her sad at all.  After the park we headed home and our fun times continued.  We had dinner and a blow-out so bath came early last night.

Today we have her Dr appt at 9:45.  Curious to see how that goes.  Tomorrow I have a work appt that I committed to ages ago (a health fair) so I will be leaving Vera with my mom.  I had a health fair last friday and left Vera with my sister.  But I am more worried with my mom.  Not because I don’t trust her, but Vera knows Deb more.  Let’s see how it goes.  I know Vera will be good.

More tidbits on V in list format:

1.  Vera still love music.  She loves to dance and we do it often

2.  Vera is trying more and more food.  I am working on adding texture and chewing and it is going well.

3.  Vera enjoys feeding herself alongside me feeding her at times.  Like if we have lunch I slice a banana and she likes to try to grab it with her fork or her fingers 🙂

4.  We are still juice and water only. Though when I was in Russia I had bought several juices and we tried one (apple and I think it is orange) and she loved it.

5.  Vera LOVES water and bath-time is no longer a struggle.

6.  We had a busy Saturday last weekend and Vera did great at the parties.  Though bedtime was tough that night.  She couldn’t get comfortable, she wanted me, she didn’t want me.  But finally, after an hour or so of  back and forth, I picked her up and rocked her to sleep.  Sunday we stayed mellow and it was just she and I.

7.  We have  been working on saying YES and shaking our head YES because NO is one of her favorite words and she loves to shake her head NO many times, and well, we need a bit more YES in our lives 🙂

8.  Vera will turn down food just by looking at it.  Now I understand my mother when she would say, “just try it”.

9.  Vera may turn down said food, but if it is on my plate, she will want a taste.  HILARIOUS

10.  Vera also loves farm animals.

11.  Vera no longer cries in the car seat.  Most times it is a pleasant experience.  But, sometimes, she reaches out for me to hold her.  Obviously I am driving and I can’t and I tell her that.  She then gets this zoned look.  It reminds me of her very quiet “orphanage” self and it makes me very sad.  I can’t even talk to her when she is in the zone as it is like she doesn’t hear me.  I reach out at stop lights to touch her leg, and get her attention or reassure her, but most times, she stays in that place in her head.  But, once we get out, we hug and the world is right again.

12.  Vera will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks.  We will have a small family get together.  I think a party is just too much at this point.  But there will be streamers, cake, and Mommy will be calling up Famous Da*ves for some BBQ ~

13.  I can’t stop shooting video and pictures.  I want to capture every single moment and smile.  I know that is impossible.  I have so much video but I know one day she will love to watch it all.

14.  Vera loves to watch herself on video and she giggles when she sees herself giggle.

15.  Vera has called me momma once.  She will repeat any other word I say except that one.  She is doing this thing where she touches my chest and says something close to momma and then touches her chest and says Vera.

So, there goes a little summary of the past few days.  Here are some pictures and even a little bath-time video if you have 2 min and 20 seconds on your hands to kill 🙂


Can’t forget my Ava and Ryan!

This one .. with the up close laugh on the right.  I love this one.


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