Birthday Girl!

Vera turned two on Wednesday!  After we met in July, all I kept thinking was that I wanted to be WITH her for her 2nd bday.  Even if I was in Russia, I just wanted us to be together.  Never, in my wildest imagination, did I think that we would have been a family for 1 day shy of a month and Home for almost a month on her birthday.  But, it turned out that way and I couldn’t feel more blessed or be happier!!!

Before I talk birthday, let me fill everyone in on the latest.  Vera had a complete physical, with blood works and shots.  It was long, but Vera did great and it went well.  The Dr. was amazing and she took all of Dr. D*avies recommendations on what tests to run and what specialists to refer us to.  So last week we were seeing Dr.’s.  Monday we saw the Development Specialist so we could get an evaluation on where we were.  She did great.  She came back at 21 months on things like adaptive and gross motor skills.  She was at 24 months for fine motor skills.  Language is where she is behind, which is no surprise.  She was at 12 months expressive, 18 months receptive and 18-24 in personal-social.  Previously, I was obviously teaching her words (eyes, ear, hair, nose, dog, etc) and asking her to repeat them.  Apparently I needed to back off that technique a bit and just talk about what I was or am doing or what she is doing.  So I did that and coinsidently, on her birthday, she was gifted the gift of chatter and she hasn’t stopped since.  She chatters and TRIES to communicate now.  My brother in law on Wednesday was like.. OMG I haven’t heard her make so much talk .. she just keeps going and going!  Granted, most words are just babble, but she is clearly trying to say Momma I need this or that or come here or tell me what she is doing.  Best yet, she will walk up to me now and say “poop” when she has poop.  Yay Vera!  I am confident the language will come.  But we will be seeing a speech specialist because why not, we have insurance and might as well use it.  Understanding wise, she understands a TON.  If I say Vera, please pick up your cup off of the floor and place it on your table, she will do it.  Or “time for a bath” or “are you ready to go nite nite”.. that sort of chatter she understands.

Sleep continues to go well.  We head upstairs most nights at 8:30 (sometimes 9 depending on what has transpired during the day and if she dozed in the car late).  She turns OFF the nightlight and hops in my arms and we rock and drinks a bottle.  If she doesn’t fall asleep in my arms, we rock a bit more and then she prefers to be laid in her bed, perfectly snuggled with her blanket.  I give her kisses and tuck her in tight.  She usually drifts off in 5-10 min.  I then turn the nightlight back on and then it’s mommy quiet time.  She sleeps until anywhere from 7:30-9am.

We play at the park most days in the late afternoon before dinner.  That will have to change once the time changes next week.  Last week we were practicing blowing so momma got bubbles and off we headed to the park.  It was a success.  Not only did she learn to blow (I was hopeful this would help with the bday candles) but she is a darn good bubble blower!  A little video for your viewing pleasure :

So on Vera’s bday, she and I got dolled up and we hit the town and headed to happy h*ollow park.  They have a VERY small zoo and a petting zoo.  They have rides and play structures and it’s a great family place with lots to explore.  Vera had a great time!  So did Mommy.  We then had a practice session birthday at Aunt Debbie’s.  Too loud on the Happy Birthday and the YAY’s.  Oh and the candles.. well she wasn’t thrilled with the sight of flame.   Here are some pictures from the day….

On Saturday we had a very small get together (like 9 adults and 4 kids, it was just family and my good friend Julie and her hubby and kids).  Ava and Ryan wanted to dress up so I dressed Vera up.  She really looked adorable.  My friend Mel had sent her daughters old dress up stuff and there was a Dorothy costume in there, so she wore that.  Anyway, the kids dressed up and we ate BBQ and sat and chit chatted while the kids played.  We had presents and cake and it turned out to be a perfect day!  Thanks to my sister who made the cake and pretty much rocked it by being her fabulous self.  Clean up was awesome cuz well, I had it catered by Famous D*aves and everything was in tins and viola, toss after we are done!  Here are some pictures of the day:

Today we stayed home.  YAY.  Tomorrow is Halloween and we will stop by a couple of neighbors and walk the neighborhood at my sisters.  Next Saturday I booked 3 family sessions so I will be gone all day and Vera will stay at my moms while I make some extra Xmas cash 🙂  Hard to believe it is already November!  My sister should be having her baby girl on the 18th if she doesn’t go into labor sooner.  I will then go back to work a couple of days a week until the new year.  Then I’m off the week between Xmas and New Years.  Then I will work tues-fri 9-4 until forever 🙂

Happy Halloween!


12 thoughts on “Birthday Girl!

  1. Happy Birthday, Vera! You look absolutely adorable in your Dorothy outfit!

    I always leave reading your posts with a smile on my face. I am still just so happy for you!

  2. So so so so sweet!! I am happy that you got your wish to have her home for her birthday!! She is adorable!

  3. happy (belated) birthday, sweet girl!!

    what a joy to be together for her special day! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Vera! Love, Love, Love the dress! I must know where you got it from!

  5. Happy birthday, Vera!

    I get weepy every time I read one of your “Vera is home and doing GREAT!” posts. You waited so long for this, mama. Hard to believe you have a two year old and my miracle will be two at the end of the month.

    BTW, I’m totally jealous that Vera tells you she has a poop. My girl lies to me (i.e., “Do you have a poopy in your diaper?” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”), and often screams like I’m murdering her when I’m changing her. She only does this with me. Guess she trusts me the most. :-/

    To anyone reading who hasn’t “crossed over” yet, hang in there, don’t give up, IT’S WORTH IT!

  6. Trust me. If you maintain a running commentary on everything you do and she does, pretty soon she will not stop talking.

  7. Hey Tracey! How are you? The pics of sweet Vera are amazing and sounds like the transition is going great. What an amazing life you have now. I know mommyhood is everything and more than you had hoped… I wish we lived closer so we could have playdates when I get Miss Audrey back to the states. Thanks for keeping up the blog. Keep the pics coming!

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