6 Weeks

Well today marks 6 weeks as a family.  If I haven’t said it before, I am saying it now.. BEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE!  Vera makes me smile every day.  She is goofy and silly and loves to laugh.  When I look back at her 6 weeks ago vs today, she has physically changed so much (obviously) but also emotionally.  Here is a visual of her physical change:

My sister had her baby 2.5 weeks early.  Deb went into labor on Friday and Nyah was born at 4:01pm and weighed in at 9lbs.  My sister makes some  big babies… no diabetes, jut big babies.  Here is a little pic:

Anyway, since that happened, I started back at work on Monday PT.  I am working 10-3.  I was hoping to get away with 2 days a week, but this week.. well its just a crazy week so I will be working Mon-Thurs.  My mom is watching Vera for me.  Vera cries when I leave but my mom says she quiets down shortly after the door closes.  Then, when I return, she sees me and runs quickly to my arms and gives kisses.  She misses me and it makes my heart sad, melt and happy at the same time.  Soon as I am there, she wants me and only me and boy does that make me feel special 🙂  I am so blessed that for Vera and I, the bonding went well.

Vera loves pretend play so for Xmas I have bought her a play kitchen for the play area.  She will  be so excited!  She also loves playing mommy to her dolls.  She continues to love dressing up and all doing all things girlie.  Animals .. loves them.  I did make a little video for Orphan Sunday that I posted on Face*Book.  Here it is in case you want to watch it ~

Overall, things are going great.  Vera is still trying new foods.  She has her off days.  Like today, she acted like she didn’t want the spaghetti, but then again she did want the spaghetti.  I am sure part of it is me being gone for 5 hours of the day.  Oh and drink wise.  WoW.  We have made strides.  She will drink some juice upon waking in the morning (50/50 apple juice and water).  Then she drinks water the entire rest of the day.  Then she has a night time bottle of pediasure and it is off to bed (8:30-9pm).  What else.  Not many more fears.  She still whines a bit at the vacuum.  But things like the hand held vac, blowdryer, etc.  Don’t cause panic anymore.  Play doe.  Well, she hates it and pretty much thinks it will kill her or eat or or something.  She screams bloody murder when I bring it out.  My friend suggested we make it from scratch together.  So I will try that.  I will also have Ava and Ryan play with it in front of her so she can see that it isnt so scary.  What else, she is babbling A LOT more.  We have a speech therapist eval on Monday.  I am curious to see how that goes.

Thanksgiving is coming and this year there is so much to be thankful for.  The holidays are going to be so different this year.  I will actually decorate and partake in all holiday cheer!  It is so amazing to me that after all the years of trying and waiting.. she is HERE.  Here with me and with a family.  Alright, this post has taken me ALL DAY to compose and I am going to sit down and watch some TV before I head to bed!  HUGS!


11 thoughts on “6 Weeks

  1. I love your posts and your daughter is blossoming. She melts my heart when I see her pics. You see the relaxation on her face with the recent pic. She is so lucky to have you for a mummy.

  2. Wow, she has changed a lot in the 6 weeks. Glad things are going well. Congrats too to Deb on her beautiful baby girl. At 9 pounds it’s probably a good thing she came 2.5 weeks early. That just hurts thinking about it.

  3. You are so right – look at the change in her! So amazing what love and comfort can do for these beautiful children. I know I am a broken record but I am so thrilled for you and Vera. What a fabulous Thanksgiving you are going to have… So much to celebrate. Hooray!

  4. WOW! She is so stunning!!! So glad all is going well with you and Vera. You both look so very happy!!! :0)

  5. My parents watch my 2 y/o (also adopted last year along with her 2 siblings who are in school) too while I am at work. They give in to all sorts of things that I have blatantly said no to. Like candy in the morning. Seriously. I also have a childless aunt (whom the 2 y/o is named after). How spoiled do you think my kids are? 🙂
    Their take on it? “They need extra love”.
    Pick your battles and count your blessings.

  6. I read once an interview with a director of a baby’s house in St. Petersburg. She said something along the lines that kids become so beautiful once someone starts loving them. So true! Vera looks so different and she is so beautiful and you love her SO much…

  7. I haven’t been caught up on blogs recently so just now (sigh) saw that you had your little girl and were home. Congrats!!!! She is beautiful. I’m so glad you two found each other!

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