Post Christmas Wrap Up

Well I promised I would share about our first Christmas together.  So here is a rundown….

Christmas Eve we ran some errands and got some park time in.  Then Vera napped.  I let her sleep a little longer so whe wouldn’t be a bear for the evening of festivities.  At 4ish we headed to my moms house.  We were the first ones there.  Everyone was supposed to arrive at 4 but no one got there until 5.  Once everyone arrived, it was a blast.  We ate, we laughed, we told stories of Christmas past.  Then, about 7:30 the kids were DYING to open gifts, so we went ahead and did that.  Fun Fun.  After that some cafe and then we all headed home.

Christmas morning we woke up at my sisters house.  Us adults got up at about 5:30 and put on some non child approved TV (Hangover 2) until of course the giggles and footsteps of little ones were heard.  Then it was Christmas morning!   There were many gifts and lots of thank you’s.  We made breakfast and played with toys and watched tv.  We were stuffed from breakfast so we never even made dinner!  We ate some pasta leftovers from Christmas Eve!  LOL

Vera and I spent the next day also hanging at my sisters, but then eventually headed home in the evening.  It was a great holiday.  I will never forget it.  I got the best present on September 28th when I got custody of Vera.  Nothing else topped that one, but my new purse, ring, sunglasses, boots and sneakers sure are nice though 🙂  Santa brought Vera a little jumpie since she loves to jump so much.  As of right now, the Elmo stuffed animal he brought is much more interesting… maybe in a month or so the jumpie might bring more interest…..

Nonetheless.. here are some pictures of our Christmas….


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