And then it was 2012

So my last post was about Christmas and I overloaded you all on photo’s and probably WAY more info than necessary.  So, on this final catch up post, it will be short and sweet 🙂

NYE is my friend Julie’s bday and this year she had a little get together with family and close friends.  Julie lives across the street from my sister, so its easy and convenient.  It was a super fun night and party.  Stayed up til Midnight.  Vera didn’t make it.  My sister left with Nyah and Ryan about 10pm, Vera followed shortly after.  I brought her home and Deb offered to watch her so I headed back to the party to consume more alcohol than necessary.  I wasn’t trashed but I wasn’t sober either.  Needless to say on Sunday, New Years, I napped when Vera napped 🙂

Vera is well.  I swear she is a sponge.  More so than I have ever seen before.  I have been around kids a lot.  Ava and Ryan, they were never this observant.   Like seriously, if you do something once, she sees it, she will at some point, whether it is one day or two weeks away, she will copy you.  I learned this A) when she copied me putting the chair in front of the fridge to clean on top.  She did the same thing in her little kitchen.  B) when Uncle John thought it was fun to draw a happy face on her hand.. several days later, she tried that on herself.  C) Momma measures Vera’s height on the bathroom door frame.  Two weeks later, she put her back to the wall downstairs and tried to mark where the top of her head was.  D) Momma trimmed her bangs the other day. Then yesterday at my moms, we were putting the crib together and we used scissors to open the box.  Someone found the scissors while watching us put the crib together and was caught mid-cut as she trimmed her bangs up.  Thank God she only got a couple of strands!

That is it for now!  Next post..  My new little project 🙂



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