Tax question and Photo Project

First and foremost. I’m starting to work on my taxes. I read the IRS site about what they need, and they don’t ask for much (odd). I also know they will want much more than they ask for as I have been audited before and I know the details need to be there. I know they go thru anyone claiming this credit by hand and I have read horror stories of months of back and forth. Can other APs PLEASE give me some insight on what you did that seemed to satisfy Uncle Sam’s assistants when processing the adoption tax credit? My plan was to include copies of all receipts in addition to the adoption docs. Anything else???

Ok now on to the day to day stuff……

So far 2012 has been good. Vera and I are in a routine and we both seem to be doing well with it. I get her up about 7:15 (I’m already dressed and ready to go). She goes potty, I get her teeth brushed and face washed then dressed. Head downstairs and she plays a bit or helps me with dishes and cooking breakfast. After that, we eat, maybe look at a book or watch some Baby Einstein and then load up and head out at 8:30. I drop her at my moms at 8:45. I usually hang a second to say goodbye and she sits on my lap. I leave and she says bye, gives kisses and is off playing the day away with my mom and grandmother. Her day there is filled with my mom playing teacher, walks, playing in the yard (the weather has been unusually nice this year) and being loved on. BTW, my mom has been great about anything I ask her to do or not do! I pick Vera up by 4 and then we play, maybe hit a park on the way home, and just enjoy the rest of the evening. Vera’s evening ends at 8:30 and she is so great about it and I am SO lucky!

We are heading to Tahoe again this weekend. I’m excited. My sister and her kids are going as well. Her hubby has to work though so it’s just moms n kids! Should be fun :-).

Oh so my new little project! This year I resolved to of course be healthier. But also to make memories and enjoy each day. So, I started a photo journal that I plan on making into a table book at year end. Here is link (CLICK HERE). Please feel free to follow along. I’ll make an icon on my sidebar for it as well.

Next post is all on Vera and how she is doing, what she is learning and our (hold our hats) almost 4 months together anniversary!


One thought on “Tax question and Photo Project

  1. we always do our own taxes, but with this we are going to a CPA who has experience in filing this particular credit. We desperately need it done correctly and quickly, we are BROKE!

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