Vera Top Twenty

Here we are mid January. Let’s talk about Vera shall we? I’ll bullet point this post because making it into paragraphs would make it really long…

1. Vera got her SSN in the mail yesterday! Yay! Now to work on the readoption next month.

2. Vera is an amazing traveler. Every time we have gone somewhere new, she has been amazing on the drive. Not only that, as long as Momma is there she feels safe and you can tell. She plays no problem. Come bedtime, we repeat our home routine and she lays down on the bed and falls right to sleep.

3. Vera loves jewelry and music still. When we return from being away, whether out of town or at my sisters for a couple of says, she runs to her box and immediately puts on all her jewelry 🙂 She loves to dance and will follow my directions, for example, touch your hard, shake your hands, turn in a circle, stomp your feet…. I see dance in her future!

4. Vera and my niece Ava LOVE to play together. They chase, and play dollhouse, and run and laugh. They are 5 years apart and I wasn’t expecting this so it sure is a wonderful treat!

5. Vera often times wants to spend the entire evening in my arms cuddling and reading stories.

6. Vera loves to visit the park and since we have had zero rain this winter we do this often.

7. Vera is saying a lot of words. Sometimes she puts two together but not often. It’s amazing how quick children pick up language.

8. Vera does not like when any other child is in my arms or lap. This goes for her cousins as well. I am her mommy and my cuddles are hers only 🙂

9. Vera is starting to sing the ABC song. She really only says like the first 4 letters and then its just babble. But it sure is cute!

10. Vera still uses both hands for coloring or tracing letters. So I don’t know if she’s a leftie or a rightie yet.

11. Vera is a great helper and listener. When I do laundry she will pick up the fabric sheets and throw them away and she will put the pairs of socks away in her sock drawer 🙂

12. Vera enjoys long walks. In Tahoe this weekend she joined us on a little hike and walked it all! Granted we slowed everyone down but hey she did it!

13. Vera now enjoys play dough. She smashes it and we are working on using the cookie cutters for shapes.

14. Vera gets very mad at herself if she is having a hard time doing something. For example, she was stacking her stacking cups…when she got three or four high the fifth might wiggle and it all came crashing down… This makes her upset!

15. Vera has eye hand coordination but I need some activities where we do this more as I know it’s something I don’t do… Any suggestions??

16. We have an indoor pool in town and the pool is heated. They have swim lessons there. We will be doing those in April.

17. Vera loves to look at herself in the mirror. On Monday she discovered her tongue. Sticking out her tongue while looking in the mirror makes her laugh and laugh!!!

18. Vera has finally moved to a size 3 diaper! It’s still big for her but we moved up..yay!

19. Vera is very mothering to her dolls and it’s the cutest thing to watch.

20. Vera will try anything food wise. She has a diverse menu. Her favorite food is fruits for sure!!

We are almost at 4 months home. I feel very connected to Vera. I know she is connected to me as well. She knows I will protect her. If she is ever unsure she will look to me for an ok and a hand hold or a reassuring hug. She often wants me to just hug and rock her. It’s the best feeling in the world. She is eager to learn and loves to laugh. The first day I met vera, she was very scared. The caretakers told me, “just wait til you see her smile, it’s a beautiful smile”. They were right. Every time she smiles and laughs and feels love and fun, I feel happy and blessed.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the past couple days and a silly Vera video …..







And a little video


4 thoughts on “Vera Top Twenty

  1. I’m very glad that all is well in the Vera-Tracey kingdom! Speaking of jewelery. A friend of mine (from Moscow) adopted a 3 y.o. girl from Siberia. Psychologist said that it takes time for kids after institution to develop a sense of ownership of anything. See, nothing was theirs, everything belonged to everybody. So, he suggested that they need to buy her…beads :). and that little girl loves her jewelery just as much as Verochka. It’s the first thing which they feel like they entirely own it …Isn’t it amazing?

  2. Beautiful little girl! We are working on the co-ordination thing as well! Aryanna loves to screw the lids on and off the water bottles/empty juice containers etc. I bought some cheap bubbles which we blow in the bathtub and putting that little stick in & out after each blow is a challenge. Using Cheerios and shoe lace licorice which she strings along and wears most of the day..I don’t need to worry about a few eaten “baubles” and no string to pose a hazard! Also having her look in the mirror to see the barrette in her hair asking her to touch it (is very tricky and we change sides so she isn’t doing this by memory-yor little one has alot more hair so you could use ponytail as well). Just a few ideas but hope they help!

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