A Momma’s Love

FIVE months.  It has been 5 months since the day I stood there, explaining my love for Vera and my hopes for her to a Russian court.  Those words, those thoughts, that love that I professed that day…  It has multipied by the hundreds.  I never ever knew love like this.  She makes me laugh each day.  When I rock her to sleep and sing and whisper to her, she relaxes and feels safe in my arms.  When something frightens her she runs to me for protection.  I know she loves me as I love her.  Vera has the sweetest laugh and prettiest smile.  She gives the best snuggles and most gentle hugs.  She is such a great traveler  and an eager learner.  She is learning her manners, colors and numbers.  She listens (95 percent of the time) to what I ask her to do whether it is lets eat, please come here, lets go take a bath, time for a nap.. whatever it is.  She loves water and any chance we get we are playing in the fountain at my moms, or in the play table in our yard.  I can’t wait to see how she does in swim lessons next month.

She is such a loving child.  She amazes me each day.  I know I have said it before but I am so proud to be her mother.  She has lots to learn to catch up to the other 2 year 4 month olds, but I know she will get there.  Each day her verbal skills improve and each day she surprises me with something she knows that I didn’t know she knew.  Soon at 3:50 comes at work, I am packing up my things and rushing to my moms to get my girl!

A couple of weeks ago we went to a gathering with the local adoption agency that did my homestudy.  It was so great!  So much fun.  Lots of families there that were created thru adoption.  I met another single mom of a russian girl (4.5) and she has a friend who has a daughter Vera’s age so we are all going to get together.  I also learned there was a Russian immersian preschool in San Fran.  If San Fran wasn’t 1.5 hours away I would be ALL OVER THAT.  But, we have joined the mailing list so we will know if they have special events or classes 🙂  Vera got to meet Jeanetta.  Jeanetta is Russian and she is the contact we worked with at the agency here.  They had a clown for the kiddos at the end but  Vera was most interested in playing with the balls the clown brought.

Vera got sick two weeks ago.  I would say it is her first sickness since she got home.  She had a very bad cold when I brought her home and it lingered for several weeks, but after that, she hasn’t been really sick.  Since then she has had a few sniffles here and therebut nothing I would classify them as sick.  But this was all out fever, throw up, tears, extra cuddles.. the works.  I stayed home on and we rocked and cuddled and read books and played.

Friday we went to dance class.  This was the first week of a new 6 week rotation.  ahhhhhh all the kids listened.  Vera was a little unsure.  Partly because I think she still wasn’t feeling good and the other part, a new group of girls to get used to.  With a little extra reassurance from me, she particpated and she floated, galloped, spun and ran.  Someone asked me if she was mine and I said yes.  They said she was very cute and that she reminded them of a precious moments doll.. I never thought of that before, but she does!

The development specialist that we met with when we got home… well his office called to do a 6 month follow up.  So I made that appt for April.  I have to say, our insurance carrier (Kai*ser) has been amazing with regards to Vera and making sure everything is A-OK.  So we will see the pedi in April and the development specialist.  I am sure the speech therapist will call too for a follow up and that will be all that we need to do.  We hae our first post placement that is to be sent to Russia coming up.  The social worker will be by in March to do that meeting.

What else.. Oh I haven’t really been into my camera the past few months, but I got bit by the creative bug and I brought it out and I think next month will take Vera to do some 6 month home shots.

That is about it.  In the meantime, checkout my photo blog with one picture a day by clicking HERE.  Lots of pix there of Vera.  Promise to post some here too next time!



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