A Little Treasure

What a treat I got yesterday.  My agency called and left a message so soon as I got a chance, I called them back.  After visiting with them they let me know that there were some videos of Vera online.  As you may or may not know, Russia tries to find Russian families to adopt children first.  Apparently they go to great lengths.  What was located was a website that hosts available children.  Clearly they are behind in who is and is not available.  Anyway, the videos are of her with one of her caregivers, a summary from the dr and what appears to be her and a social worker interacting to show her skillset.  There were 5 videos in all and  I don’t understand ANYTHING that is being said, but it was so great to see her prior to my meeting her.

So, here is what to do…  First off, get google chrome.  As a browser it has a special ability to automatically translate the website from Russian to English.   The website is www.videopassport.ru.  Once you are on the site, it has some little intro.  From there you select a region.  I had Vera’s web  ID number as my agency gave it to me so I was able to get right to her video.  There were lots of videos of other kiddos as I looked around to see if I saw anyone familiar…

Vera’s video was shot in 2011 (according to the website).  You can tell it is winter so maybe Feb-March?  I got her referral in June.  It is interesting because she is roughly 15 months or so in the video and she wasn’t even walking.  During my trip in July, she was a very wobbly walker.. I bet she hadn’t been walking long…  Anyway, I was able to download the videos.  Maybe I can find someone to translate them for me one day.  But the best part is that I have them 🙂  It also makes me feel happy to see that Russia thought that maybe if they did these videos.. and they are not junky videos.. they are really done nicely) that she may find a home.  Lucky for me that home was with me in America!

Anyway, just thought I would share… maybe some waiting mommas can get glimpses of their little ones…..



5 thoughts on “A Little Treasure

  1. That is awesome! I looked up Kirov, but sadly no Dasha video there. I saw Vera’s though, took me a minute to realize that she was Faith though! I thought Vera was her Russian name since it is so unique and pretty. Great memories to keep for when she is older though, you are very lucky to have those!

  2. Oh my stars, you have made my heart ache to go back. There are no videos from Oliver’s region, but I watched about 10 other kid’s videos and I neeeeed them all.

  3. Oh Tracy, you should definitely listen to the translation, those women are so sweet… And funny, among other things, they call her girly girl, say that she does not like milk, and say that she is very soft and tender like a little chicken 🙂 they say how they hope she would find a wonderful home and kind parents and wish her a long and very happy life.

  4. I emailed you .. Not sure if you got it. THANK YOU for sharing that info on Vera. It totally made my day! Hope you are doing well!

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