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Well lets see… the past several of weeks have been a blur. Lots going on. Visitors, Parks, Photography Sessions, Weddings, Tattoo’s etc. But boy we sure have had a lot of fun!

I will start with the tattoo. Mine obviously not Vera’s πŸ™‚ I wanted something for Vera. Something visual to see each and every day Something others would see and ask what it meant and what is was for. Some women give birth and have a C-section scar to look at and remind them of what they went thru … I wanted to get some ink. So I did that. I got some ink on my inner left foot. I got the words Faith * Love * Trust. Vera’s name in Russia was Vera. I kept her name because I thought it was unique and beautiful and I wanted to keep that connection with her culture. The word vera is an actual word in the Russian language meaning Faith. Sort of like if you had the name HOPE. Hope means hope . If you were in Russia and said vera it means Faith. So Faith is there for her and because it took A LOT of faith that dreams come true and mine did. Love is for the intense love I have for her. She is my world and I love her so so much. I know she loves me too. Finally, Trust. Trust because Vera trusts me. I know this. When she is scared she comes to me for reassurance that it is okay. She trusts her Momma will never hurt her. I threw in the two butterflies and two hearts. One for each of us πŸ™‚

As I have mentioned before, I am a natural procrastinator. Now that I am a mother, it is even easier to procrastinate on what needs to get done and I admit, I am falling behind on a lot. I have so much fun with her and I hate missing out on time with her. My goal for the next 5 weeks it to get things done! I have a very long list of “stuff” to do by May 1st. I want spring to be here and the worry and stress I feel on the long list of “to-do’s” to be lifted. I will be posting my progress!

In Motherhood and Toddler news… which is probably what you all want to hear about anyway, things are great! Vera is in need of haircut #2 and we will be going in for that this weekend. I think I may do a list style again just because it helps me to documents it all. Here we go!

1. Vera is cutting THREE molars. Yesterday morning I was flossing her teeth and I was surprised to see one new molar had broken all the way thru. Then I looked around and two more are just cutting the gums. My sweet girl has not been fussy or sick or anything. She is such a trooper and I am SO SO blessed! As the day went on, I realized that maybe this is the reason she has started putting EVERYTHING in her mouth again. She did this when we got home. There were no teeth coming in then. I chalked it up to bad habit and her wanting the pacifier all the time. The habit broke itself eventually, and last week reared its ugly head again. I hate saying “take that out of your mouth” 500 times a night and wonder if I should just let her have the paci. Currently I only allow her the paci to fall asleep, when I pick her up at my moms she gets it from me and can have it til we get home. Sometimes, I make exceptions like if she is clearly nervous around someone but anyway… Thoughts?????

2. Vera LOVES to watch videos of herself on my iphone or ipad. She giggles and laughs and always runs over to show me what she is watching. She is also addicted to a russian cartoon I found on the utube. She watches it over and over and loves hearing the russian piggy. She also tries very hard to say some of the russian words. To my surprise, she remembered several. Here is the link… It’s so cute.. Not sure what it’s about but my guess is the animal parents are not wanting their kids t play with him because he’s a piggy but in the end they all get along and become friends???

Russian Cartoon

3. In addition to learning shapes (which she learned like after a couple of months home) she now knows her colors, numbers 1-9 and a few letters of the alphabet. She knows A, B, C, E, I, S, X. She is also learning emotions;; happy, sad, excited, etc. Very cute to watch her look in the mirror and show the expression for each. Oh she knows all the major animals and the sounds they make.

4. Vera now LOVES taking pictures. She sees a camera and its “cheese”! No matter who is holding it. Even if it is a mom in dance class wanting to take a picture of their daughter.. Vera is there to smile for them! LOL

5. She continues to be a very neat and tidy girl. I mean, she is a tornado. Like literally, she can make a mess in less then 2 minutes. But when it is time to clean up, she will. No complaints. She also knows where the toys go and how to organize them neatly. For example in her room, bracelets go in one box and necklaces in another. When she puts them away she puts them where they belong. My mother says Vera takes after her!

6. Vera will now tell me she has to poop. We will take off the diaper and sit on the potty. Sometimes it doesn’t happen but Vera knows it is there so she will either sit on the potty and wait or get up, play and run run back to potty. The point being, she knows the feeling that SOMETHING is headed out and that means we are close to being potty trained. I am going to take off a week in June and we will get it done πŸ™‚

7. Presently, Vera believes everything she touches, likes or see’s is her’s. Typical toddler behavior.

8. Vera is still very much a momma’s girl. When I leave her sight she is calling “mama” to find me. When I go to pick her up she hears my voice, stops, yells “mama” and comes running. She still hates when I share affection with Ava and Ryan but it is getting better. We still enjoy our nighttime bottle and rocking time. I am nowhere near ready to give it up, regardless of what the dr’s say.

9. Vera FINALLY learned to jump and take her feet off the floor without holding onto something. Even though the dance class is like a simon says, it has been very good for her. She watches closely and has learned how her body moves and we will continue to go and go as it is building her confidence and I love seeing that. And, all the moms think she is the sweestest little thing. I have to agree πŸ™‚

10. She is starting to chain words together. For example, “help you” which can mean.. help you or for me to help her. She will tell the dog no if bessie is staring at Vera’s snack. She will say “Bessie. No! Mine!” She says Thank You when given something and is starting to get the Please concept.

11. Vera would like to get what she wants at the moment she wants it. For example, if its bathtime she wants me to head up there with her asap before clearning the dinner table. We are working on patience. She is starting to get the “lets wait patiently” concept. I know for any toddler that is hard and will take a while …..

12. For the most part Vera can ask for what she wants. She will ask for a snack, or grapes or juice or my bracelet or hairclip. Sometimes the words can’t be found and she gets frustrated, so I will ask her do you want this or this or this and she will say Yes or No until we figure it out.

13. Vera still sleeps in her big girl bed all night no problems. I can’t even tell you how awesome this is and how PROUD I am of her. She loves her room and feels safe in there and even though momma still has to put the baseboards back up, she doesn’t care. (its on my list to get done by May 1!) On the days I have to work I wake her about 7 or 7:15 so we can spend some time together. On the days I don’t have to work I let her sleep. Some days she wakes up at 7:30 and others its 8:30 or 9.

14. Vera loves to go for walks. Like real walks for exercise. She holds hands and we stroll the neighborhood or she rides her trike. She also enjoys stroller rides and is happy and content to check out the world. When we dine out, she is great about sitting and enjoying the food and experience. I often bring the ipad but she doesn’t need it. She is content to play with the few toys I have brought. She still LOVES slides. Everytime we drive by one, she is sure to mention it!

15. When we get in the car, she immediatly asks for her music to be turned on. I bought this little people CD when she first came home with kid songs. She didn’t really like it so we didn’t listen to it much. Then two weeks ago I put it on again and she LOVES it now! She has her favorite songs and will ask for those to be played. It’s very cute.

16. Bessie the dog is into everything. She is always searching for something Vera has dropped or sniffing out cheerios. I must say “Besssssieeee!” alot because Vera now does it. Vera found some string on the floor and picks it up and yells, “Besssieeeee” hahahhaha.

That should do it on the Vera front for today. hahah In mommy news, I just love being a mother. I am more tired than I have been before but each night I am SOO grateful for Vera and the life we have. Being single and living alone for the past 12 years, I spent a lot of time just hanging out and watching TV or goofing on the internet. Now, I hardly watch TV and well I still goof on the internet πŸ™‚ But my point is this. My life has changed a lot. In all the ways I imagined it would. I am so happy. The years of waiting on motherhood… well they sucked and they were filled with a lot of sadness. But, if I had to do it over again I would. Because I have Vera and she is worth all that sadness and pain of cycles not working and miscarriages. I know not everyone in the IF world feels this way but I do.

Six month home pictures to come!! Along with a few other things … Awesome fundraiser link, Vera videos and more!!

P.S. It took me two or three days to finally hit publish! See what i mean about procrastinating!! Lol


5 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Oh this post makes my heart so happy for you! So glad you two are having so much fun together. Vera sounds amazing!

  2. It comforts me GREATLY to know that it was all worth it. And I hope that we get to share motherhood soon. Our IF paths have been so similar for so long, it is a bit fitting that I am now possibly going to be an adoptive mom too! I love hearing your updates and I love knowing that you are so happy now! Vera is a doll. I can’t wait to met her. Hugs!

  3. I loved this Tracey. It brought tears to my eyes for what you have brought to each others life! I always feel like I got way more out of being an adoptive mom then ever thought possible. As for the paci – do what works for comfort! (though some might not agree πŸ™‚ Of my two boys, the one who used a paci and was a thumb sucker is good to go – it’s the other one who we need to see an orthodontist for – go figure!

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