Water Fun Days

Well the weather has been crazy.  I mean no rain all winter and then pouring rain, lightning and thunder storms in April.  SO crazy.  But, the regular CA weather decided to show up last week.  On Sunday we headed to the indoor recreation center with my sister and her kiddos.  We ended up joining.  It gives us access to the indoor pool (year round heated swim) and the outdoor aquatics center.  It also gives us a gym membership and with it kid zone care at no charge when I want to work out or maybe just lay out and read for a bit. YAY.  We hit the indoor pool and Vera stayed very close and just took it all in.  We called it a day after 2.5 hours and headed to the park and then home.

Monday my niece had swim team practice at the cabana club.  The cabana club is a private pool (well they have 3 pools and a spa), tennis court, playground etc.  My mom is a member.  We spent our whole childhood there having so much fun.  Anyway, Ava is on the swim team there.  She has practice each day from 4-5pm.  Vera likes to watch so she goes with my mom and I pick her up at the pool.  Since the weather was good on Tuesday, I introduced her to the baby pool.  It is a small pool only 1.5 ft deep.  Day one.. liked it and after 30 min was having a great time.  After 45 min it was time to go and she did NOT want to get out.  It was the first time she actually cried when we had to stop doing something.  Sorry, she didn’t cry, she had a FIT.  It was literally her first all out FIT.  She was so mad!  But we left and life went on.

The next two days she played each day and got more and more comfortable.  Day 3 she was having a blast and enjoying every minute getting more and more confident.  Here is a little video:

The weather report called for sun and high temps on Sat/Sunday.  So, that meant on Sat, we were going to pack up the car and head on down to the beach!  Vera went one time before.  But it wasn’t really a beach day and she didn’t get to play in the sand.  But this time…. This time was an all out family fun day!

I packed up some food, supplies and drinks and then woke Vera up.  We got ready and headed over to my sister’s house.  Of course I shot this pic of her as we left:

Between the Z family of 5 and Vera and I, it called for a two car trip.  The beach is about 40 min away.  Over the hill and thru a small town and BAM you are on Highway 1 and the coast and soon the beach!  Soon as we got out of the car and Vera saw the ocean she was SOO excited.  Side note, she did get a little car sick on the way there.  Poor Baby.  Anyway, we got to the beach and walked about .25 mile to find the perfect spot.  She walked nicely next to me and could hardly stop chatting and staring at the ocean.  It was the cutest thing ever!  We had a great time playing in the sand and in the water.  We left after about 3.5 hours and headed home.  She was out about 3 min after we got in the car 🙂

Here are some pix of our day:

Sunday we stayed home and cleaned up the yard and then ran to Wal*mart for the basics.  It was a super mellow day.  This coming up weekend we have my niece Ava’s bday party on Sat and then I have a photography client meeting Sunday.  Luckily it is with my brother in law’s cousin and my sister is coming and we are bringing all the kids 🙂  The following weekend, TAHOE!

In Vera news.  Here are some highlights:

1.  She is 90% potty trained.  She will always tell me when she has to go #2.  She needs to be reminded to go #1.  Or maybe she is able to hold it, but I ask her about every 40 min to go potty and she does.

2.  She is also asking for what she wants using words now for her needs. Juice, Snackie (she will tell you what snack), Toy, nap, nite nite,  etc…

3.  She likes to go to her room for bed at about 8:30.  She will ask to go nite nite.  Sometimes she falls asleep right away and other times I lay her down after we rock and nuggle and she falls asleep.  Other times, she will want to lay quietly in her bed relaxing with her pacifier.  I will then return 30 min later and ask if she would like me to hold her and rock her and she will then say yes and fall asleep.

4.  She LOVES her cousins.  She is always asking about Avie (her nickname for Ava) and Ryan and Nyah.

5.  I just filled out and dropped off her preschool application to start in September.  It is a T/TH 8:40am until Noon.  It’s a great preschool and I am super excited.  I think it will be SO good for her.

6.  Photoshoot for her 6 month home (really closer to 7 now) will be FRIDAY.  The outfit I got is ridiculously CUTE!

7.  She loves Bessie (our dog).  She is always looking for her and wanting to play fetch with her.  It’s so cute.

8.  Vera is starting to try to sing songs and it is so very cute to hear her singing to her dolls or self while she plays.

9.  Vera is getting baptized on May 19th.  Funny story that has NOTHING to do with this.  At church last week she saw the fountain of holy water.  It is on the floor and we were sitting very very close to it.  She wanted to go play in it so very bad and watching her refrain actually made me giggle.

10.  Vera is an expert fork user and knows to use her napkin and not wipe her face with her arm.  To see her daintily pick up the napkin and wipe is super cute.

That’s it for now!  Have a great weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Water Fun Days

  1. Sure wish Dasha has had only 1 fit! lol, Dasha is a master in the area of fits! The pool is a big hit though! Can’t wait for swim lessons this summer for the kids. Next summer we will probably be out in California to visit Randy’s sister, maybe we can meet up some time! Good to hear about the potty training alsol Sounds like Dasha, if I stay on her we stay dry all day, but she doesn’t communicate AT ALL that she needs to go. Have to work on that.

  2. Its so great to read this updates on little Vera and to hear how well she’s adjusting. It gives me lots of hope so thank you for sharing her with us.

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