7 Months Home

Well we just passed the 7 months home mark.  Life is just cruising along and knowing we have just passed the 1/2 year mark amazes me.  I just did a Vera update a couple of posts ago, so I won’t do any sort of list.  What I will say is that the past 7 months have gone quick.  They have been full of love and joy.  I have been blown away at how the whole transition for her and for me was so different, for the better of course, then I had imagined 🙂

Vera and I spent this weekend just hanging out together.  I did spend most of Saturday editing a wedding, but I paused many times to hang with Vera.  We even managed to play on her trike, scooter and walk to the park and play.  She ended up not napping, so after bathtime, she was ready for bed.  She crashed at about 7 and then slept until 9.  Someone was exhausted!

What else, Oh, I have a client whose wedding in Jan 2013.  I met up with the mother of the groom a little over a week ago to secure the deposit.  Well, come to find out, she is from the Ukraine.  She was VERY nice.  She actually owns a gymnastics studio.  They start children at 3 there so Vera can’t go yet but she will when she is old enough.  We were talking and I was saying how I wish there was a Russian immersion preschool nearby.  I know of one in SF but that is way to far for us.  Well she told me there was one locally.  She couldn’t remember the name, but after some searching on google, I found it.  Vera and I toured there and we both loved it.  The hardest part was deciding on a campus since they actually have two.  There is a waiting list, but I am hopeful we will make it in in a couple of months.  The school has a very strong academic curriculum as well as arts (music).  It is taught in Russian as the majority of the students and their parents are Russian.  All the teachers are Russian as well.  They also have extra curricular classes (dance, theater , gymnastics, language, etc).  They have regular recitals and its just an amazing place.  I was able to connect with several moms in Vera’s age group so I am very excited.  I know Vera had fun the day we were there.  I know it will be different when she is there without me.  I am sure the day I drop her off there will be many tears.. from both of us.

I will say that making choices, like preschool… WAY harder than I ever would have thought.  To say I lost a little sleep is an understatment.  I mean I worry about separating from her.. sending her to someone who isn’t my mother.  Who is farther than a 3.5 min drive from my office.  I worry the other kids will be mean to her.  I worry I will set her back and confuse her language skills.  I worry that she will think I abandoned her.  I worry she will be behind since everyone else started when they were two.  UGH.  EVERYTHING makes me worry.  Just typing this makes me worry.  But I guess that is motherhood right?  Worry Worry Worry.

But I also know it will help her learn to socialize with other children.  It will help her trust other adults since really she only ever wants me.  She does tolerate my mother and she enjoys my sister and aunt as well.  But if I am there, she only wants me.  I think in ways it will help her language skills.  I know academically it will be good for her.  I know she will love the extracurricular dance and/or gymnastics.  We will make friends, in her age group.  Something she doesn’t have at the moment.

In the meantime, I leave you with a picture my little love.  She is such a fun happy girl….



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