I’m Mom Enough Too!

My friend Trisha posted about the super charged Time cover.  Since the article really isn’t about breastfeeding at all, it’s about attachment parenting, this is something many adoptive parents are interested in.  You see, we don’t have 9 months of growing a baby in our tummy.  Many of us missed the first year and the second.  Some even more than that.  Because of that, it is so important that we find ways to encourage attachment between us and our child(ren).

Everyone has ways that work for them.  For me, there was a lot of one on one contact, endless rocking and cradling, talking, singing, massage, sensory play, soft words, carresses, affection and lots of motherly nurturing and encouraging.  For me it worked and continues to work.  Thank Goodness.  I am lucky it’s not always so simple.

Trisha, being the awesome blogger she is (BTW she cooks and blogs about it, she also  bakes and always has great fun kid ideas to share) challenged us in a fun way, her friends, fellow bloggers, to list what made us mom enough.  And so, here is my list:

I am mom enough to:

  • take the time to make sure my kid is polite and grateful
  • love a little girl a lot of people in another place didn’t think was worth it
  • say it’s just water so it’s not really a mess
  • stop on a busy day when my girl asks to snuggle on the couch; I do and we both take a well deserved nap
  • let my child dress herself in mismatched clothes and shoes and head out to the store or the park or to Nana’s house
  • not even care when my child wants to where sunglasses everywhere we go including restaurants, parties and doctors offices
  • run to her and hold her tightly and reassure her the train she hears in the distance is not coming for her (that is the ONLY sound we have not gotten past and I often wonder if it is because the orphanage was near train tracks)
  • admit that sometimes I fib and says its 8:30 when really it’s 8:20

Anyone else want to play and say what makes them Mom enough??

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!!




8 thoughts on “I’m Mom Enough Too!

  1. nicely stated! Though I haven’t read the article, and don’t plan on it, I have issues with Time magazine, but that is another story, I like the challenge that Trisha gave!

  2. The part about the train made me cry….you are a wonderful mother. happy mothers day to you, Tracey!

  3. How long til you decide the lil Russian munchkin is too much of a pain to deal with and send her back? She has facial features consistent with fasd, so you may well be in for a helluva ride. All kinds of adoptive moms have had to institutionalize or disrupt the adoption! Check out whenrainhurts.wordpress.com & lordgrantmeserenity.blogspot.com (institutionalize both) & http://dynamicduo-dynamicduo.blogspot.ca/2012/05/same-song-second-verse.html?m=0 (on the brink of it cuz their fasd Russian twin teen girls steal cars and enjoy sneaking out ofthe house to break into houses at night!).

  4. Dear Mr. Rude Stanley,

    I don’t understand why someone like you has to come trolling thru MY blog to leave your nasty comments. Clearly you are the one that has issues. Personally I think someone like you must be unloved and jealous. Mind your own business about my daughter, any issues she may or may not have and what her future holds. You are not her dr, you have no histoey on her so your opinion means jack shit to me.

    I LOVE my child with every fiber of my being. You need not worry about what her future holds. MY daughter is loving and bright and happy. So stay away and crawl back under the bridge you came out of.

    Oh and guess what … Your the same mean Canadian from December that trilled and left a rude comment. I have your IP address and traced it. Move On and worry about your own life.

  5. Hey Stanley… Who the hell do you think you are?? You are talking about my sister and beautiful niece… People like you have to write mean things to others cuz that’s how you get off!! Would love to meet you in person and maybe give you some facial issues that resemble my fist in your face…

    My sister is an amazing woman and mother and whatever challenges lil miss may have she will face them with a family to guide her.

  6. So, if V had issues (which she does not) she would be unworthy of love? And, based upon your close relationship with Tracey, you believe she is the type to just give up and walk away from those she loves? Do I have this right so far “Stanley”?
    Here’s what I believe…. Stanley….. You’re a
    Photo: Thinkstock
    sociopathic piece of trash and you know nothing. You dont know Tracey, you don’t know V, and you are evil. You enjoy saying hateful things and most likely enjoy the outraged responses you achieve by spouting hate and lies.
    This family is loved, and they are protected. V is cherished every moment of the day and ALWAYS will be. Tracey is one of the most determined, loving women ive ever met. if V did have issues, Tracey would meet them head on and make sure every step of the way that V knew she is perfect as is.
    In closing I’d like to say… Get behind us Satan. You have no place here.

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