Fun and Trolls

Well summer has arrived and we have been having lots of fun.  Lots of playing outside, lots of water fun, and many relaxing moments of stamping and coloring and puzzles indoors.  At the present Vera is obsessed with puzzles and Kipper.

This past Saturday was Vera’s baptism.  Nothing big or major.  My sister did my niece Nyah’s as well.  We invited just the immediate family.  We had my niece Ava’s first swim meet in the morning. Then headed to my moms to let the kids nap and then church at 3:30.  After the service we headed back to my moms, ate some yummy mexican food and just hung out.  Sunday we went to the pool.  Nothing else very exciting.

In other news, it appears the same troll that left me a nasty comment back in December about me going back to work 4 days a week decided to leave another message.  I can tell that because you see I can track IP addresses in the comment section.  I was able to do a search on the IP address and see they were from Ottawa Canada.  Google Maps even traced it so I could see where the IP address was.. the streets, the intersection, etc.  Pretty cool stuff huh.  Anyway, apparently the troll was curious when I was sending “the russian munchkin back”.  In the troll’s opinion (gosh I would LOVE to know this person’s eduction, profession and experience in the subject matter) my daughter has the some of the facial features of a child with FASD and I was in for a hell of a ride with her.  Maybe they should look closely at me because if you take that little list that the troll probably found on the internet, I have a couple of them myself.  Regardless, of Troll’s diagnosis, I KNOW her medical history and what the expert opinion is on her.  Troll doesn’t.

Now, my question is this…  Why on earth would someone leave a comment like that?  What provokes people to say mean things?  If you don’t like my blog, or me, or my daughter.  Move On.  Vera and I have a fantastic life.  We are happy.  She is loved, she is bright and she is determined.  No need to be worried about her or her future.  As her mother, I have it covered.

In non troll related news.  Vera got in to the Russian immersion program preschool.  We, well actually SHE will start in August.  We went this last week to stop in and drop off paperwork and stuff.  They let her join in the dance class while we were there.  She loved it.  We will go again this week and join in for music.  A friend of mine gave me Rosett*A S*tone and I will start that this week.  I know there are some other great language programs out there and I may have to give them a try to.  Let’s see.  The school goes thru kindergarten.  She will go 3 days per week for preschool.  Everyone there is so nice and very friendly.  I think Vera will do well there.  It does take you back a bit to be in a place that is filled with Russians and the Russian language.  For me it feels very comfortable and nostalgic.

Last but not least, Vera is now totally potty trained!  All the way.. Completely.  She will let you know #1 and #2 no problem.  YAY!  I still put her in a diaper at night but 99% of the time it is dry when she wakes up.  The only time it isn’t is if I take too long (i.e. if I am still dressing) to get to her when she wakes up.  She sleeps in a big girl bed, but she never ever tries to leave it until I come in.

Alright, off to start the day.  Have a great week everyone!


9 thoughts on “Fun and Trolls

  1. I saw the trolls comment and I don’t understand why people say nasty things like that. Unfortunately we encounter racist people everywhere we go. I can’t believe the looks and under the breath comments that I hear when people find out that Dasha is from Russia. The worst though was when someone wrote on our fundraiser flyer to “buy American.” So annoying. Congrats on the potty training, I am starting that next Monday, was going to start today, but realized that I had way too much to do to start that task today!

  2. Way to go on the potty training, Vera!

    I’m so jealous of the Russian immersion program! I was amazed at the many Russian speakers I met in my hometown but disappointed that nobody is interested in play groups etc… Most are heritage speakers so learn with family members. Even his daycare teachers who spoke Russian insisted it was best for him to forget it and ‘be American’. I was so excited to find a program but then they cancelled it after only 8 sessions because me and my son were the only ones who showed up for entire session and they needed 6 people to continue. I was tempted to pay for and drag my relatives kids but was too expensive really : (

    I have my hopes set on Concordia Russian summer camps! But, can’t imagine sending my baby off to camp either.

    Meant to out Stanley:
    My older child has a FASD diagnosis (adopted from US foster system). I belong to a group for parents of FASD diagnosed children and so I think I might know at least why ‘Stanley’ could be so irrational, and maybe why bothers following your blog. If it is same “Stanley” who belongs to FASD group, I believe she adopted a child from Stavropol region about whom it was not disclosed/not known that child was at risk to have FASD diagnosis, so she takes pleasure in trying to bring down others out of bitterness over her struggles.

    As I was prepared for all sorts of adoption issues from my first adoption, boy am I amazed at my younger son’s! It was one of those adoptions where the honeymoon period still hasn’t ended (2.5 years later!). And that is why I (a stranger from PA) am obsessed in reading your blog…just because I adopted from Stavropol region too.

  3. Damn trolls. Who would ever ask “when are you sending her back” that’s just crazy. Glad you called him/her out.
    Happy that you and Vera are doing well.

  4. I’ve never understood why people are mean just for the sake of being mean. To hell with them. Glad things are going well and I hope the preschool thing goes well also. That’s really cool that you have that option available and you can keep her in touch with her heritage.

  5. I think its really sad when someone else’s bitterness from their own life experience overflows to the point that they need to try and poison other people’s happiness. Stanley is obviously so jealous of your joy and the love that is shared between you and Vera that he/she is lashing out like an ugly little spider. Its pathetic and sad.

  6. 🙂 Candice you are awesome and creative and I can’t wait to hear more about the reason behind that flurry of activity of paperwork going on! Vera and I caught up on blogs last night. She bathed I read them aloud. EEEK!!!

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