Miss Pouty Pants

Vera never had the terrible two’s and her transition to life here went pretty much seamless.  But, she has started a new phase.  That would be the Pouty Phase.  The Pouty phase translates as follows:  Momma says no to something (more than often this is No we are done playing butterfly and flying across the room for right now we can do more later);  Vera proceeds to slowly walk off across the room with her head down and a perfect silent pouty look.  She then stares at me with said look in hopes it will win herself another ride.  This just started about 3 days ago.  I am not even sure where she got it from.  But nonetheless, it is her new tool in her armory of cuteness.  Unfortunately, she has a momma who will talk to her kindly and give her options to redirect and not give into her pouts.  I am hopeful after a week of trying this will be behind us.  As I said it is quite cute and I do hold in my laughter because she really has it perfected.

In other news, we continue to work on speech.  I didn’t realize how far behind she was (chaining words together) until my cousin Michelle came over with her daughter, who is the exact same age as Vera.  But, Vera is getting better about asking for her needs and I make sure to give her choices to encourage her and words.  She easily chains two words together and sometimes three but there are definite pauses in between each word when she is trying to use 3 words.  I have a feeling once she enters preschool the words will come quickly but until then, I will keep speaking to her and explaining everything I am doing and what she is doing.

She is starting to try to sing songs which is cute as heck.  You can only make out a couple of actual letters, but hey its a great effort!  Here is a little video:

One thing that we love to use and has been a big help in learning words, colors, numbers, etc is the Ipad.  I have spent an insane amount of money on garbage apps for toddlers.  Vera is currently addicted to letter/shape/color matching and PUZZLES.  OMGosh She loves puzzles.   Anyway, here is a little list of some of the best apps I found and Vera actually liked (there have been many garbage ones along the way).  I thought I would share.  If YOU have/suggest any apps, please leave a comment so I can check it out!

1.  Toddler Teasers Apps (they have quizzing, shapes and numbers.  She knows them all now but these were great when we first got home and great to keep her practicing)
2.  Duck Duck Moose Apps (vera LOVES itsy bitsy spider, fish school, wheels on the bug, and Old Macdonald.  They have some others that we may purchase eventually as well.
3.  Elmo loves ABC’s
4.  Night & Day Studios Apps (she has peekaboo wild and peekaboo barn.  She has sort of outgrown them but they were great for when we first got home)
5.  Monkey Preschool (we have Lunchbox but there are a few others I would love to try as well like basic skills and first words)
6.  Busy Bee Preschool Zoo Train (yes she is terrified of real trains still but LOVES to play with cartoon ones on the ipad or watch them on tv.  this app has matching, puzzles and words)
7.  Artgig Apps Alien Buddies
8.  Bacorox Wood Puzzles for Kids
9.  Alphabet by Pi’ikea Street
10.  Xylophone
11.  22Learn Apps (Abby Magic Laptop, and there are a few others there that look interesting)

That’s about it for today.  Tomorrow we are heading to a dairy farm in Fresno for a little behind the scenes tour.  A sort of field trip if you will with my sister and some girlfriends and their kids.  Enjoy the weekend!


One thought on “Miss Pouty Pants

  1. Love your blog. The pouty face thing is very funny. Dima does stuff like that, it’s hard not to laugh. I noticed you live in the bay are. I was just in SJ. I am from Santa Cruz, but live in the Pacific Northwest now. Small world. Enjoy the sunshine!

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