Summer Fun starts… NOW!

On Friday a group of us took a little trip (about a 2 hour drive) to a small family run dairy farm.  It’s an organic farm that produces and sells Raw Milk.  We got to get up close to the cows, play with some chickens, see where milk comes from and watch it get bottled.  Since I had planned it, I was hopeful it wouldn’t be a big BUST.  It wasn’t so yay!  Everyone had a great time and we learned lots of new things!  Vera really wanted to pet a cow, but since they are very shy, you have to let them come up to you.  She didn’t get to touch one but we were very close.  A couple of people did get to touch them and the cows actually licked them as well.  Those are some big fat tongues!  The kids did however get to chase and catch and pet chickens.  Vera really liked them.  Here she is impersonating a chicken..

When Vera first got home she was 23 months old.  Her birthday would be just about a month after we returned.  On her birthday last year, I took her to H*appy H*ollow Park.  They have some little kid rides, a merry-go-round, play structures and petting zoo.  Well, she was having none of that.  We walked around and looked and things and played chase a bit.  But, she wouldn’t go on any rides.  It was all very new and I get that and obviously forcing her to do something when she was clearly terrified isn’t going to happen.

Well on Saturday, the weather was great.  We went and watched my niece at her swim meet and then I decided we would head over to try H*appy H*ollow again.  We got in and she saw the merry-go-round. Now, Vera won’t even try the little ones in front of the stores, she says NO NO NO and holds on for dear life.  But this day, we grabbed a bench and watched the merry-go-round once.  I pointed out that is was safe, and that Momma would be right there to hold her hand, and see all the little boys and girls smiling and laughing.  I promised her it would be fun.  So, she said OK and we waited in line for our turn.  She was VERY nervous.  I held her hand tightly and the ride began.  The tears formed, I could see them well-up, then she lifted her head and felt the wind in her hair.  She blinked, a tear rolled down and she smiled and laughed.  I cried.  I cried because I was happy that she was here with me.  That she was able to go on this merry-go-round on this day with ME.

We held hands and she went up and down and laughed and laughed.  It ended, she asked to go again, so we did.  My brave little girl also rode on the cars (all by herself I may add) and we climbed the huge play structure and rode down the slide together.  We rode the dragon tour bus and then petted some goats, horses and sheep.  Then, it was back to the merry-go-round.  I think we rode it like 25 times all together.

On Sunday we headed to the aquatic center and met up with my sister and her kids.  We have a membership at the community Rec Center and it includes access to the aquatic park. So, since my BIL works on Sundays, Deb and I usually hang out with the kids doing something fun.  Anyway, we played there for a few hours in the play area, the big pool and also watched my niece jump off the diving boards.

I really like summer and being out and about and Vera seems to be just like her Momma!  Over the coming weeks we have lots of fun planned.  More trips to the Merry Go Round, an overnight trip to the beach, a possible trip to Tahoe, a camping trip, and even a trip to Austin, Texas!

Oh, and don’t worry, I promise in between the fun we will blog and get plenty of lazy at home days!


2 thoughts on “Summer Fun starts… NOW!

  1. I’ve silently followed your blog since you brought Vera home. Reading this post today just made me realize even more that I want this! I’m 33 and have decided to start the SMC process at 35. Seeing what you and Vera have is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing your journey. And Miss Vera is such a beautiful girl. I can tell that you 2 have a great life together.

    PS – prepare for HOT weather in Austin. It’s where I live and we have just hit triple digits this week!

  2. Oh this made me cry Tracey. I love love LOVE that she has developed such a strong bond to you that she would trust to take her on the merry go round. Wow!

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