Days of Summer

Summer keeps going by and with that lots of laughs and smiles in our home.  Vera and I spent a couple of days in Tahoe this past weekend.  Sunday we swam at the resort pool and spa.  They have a huge spa where the kids can go and Vera loved it.  Honestly it was my preference too because the pool was COLD!  Monday we ended up hanging out and walking around exploring.  There was no swimming as Tahoe was having a rain storm complete with lightning and thunder.  Tuesday we got up and headed home about 11.

On the way home we stopped at Toys *R* Us.  Vera and I both needed to get out and stretch.  I realized I had never brought her to one before.  She was in toy shock/heaven.  Everything was “WOW!  Look Momma a XXX”.  She didn’t ask for anything and was simply on cloud 9 to be riding around seeing all the toys.  I did make some notes as to what might be good bday gifts and Xmas gifts though.  She was such a good girl that I decided to buy her one of those plastic grocery carts.  The market by our house has little ones and when we shop she uses one and helps with the shopping.  Getting her very own made her day.

I know I have mentioned before that my mother watches Vera during the day.  Well obviously it is summer so that means that Vera’s older cousins are home all day with her.  They have gotten very close over the summer.  Vera’s language has become more clear and I believe it is because of being around the older kids.  Last week Vera did start stuttering a little.  It was sort of like, “I I I I want bike”.  Last week it was very noticable.  Even Ryan (my 6 year old nephew noticed it).  I emailed my friend who is a speech pathologist (HI J) and she relieved my worry and will be meeting with Vera come September.  Well, as of yesterday the stutter is almost non existent.  Funny how things can change so quickly.

I know I say it all the time, but I am just so happy to be this little smiley face’s momma!




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