First Camping Adventure

It is a go-go month over here and last week on Tuesday we headed out for our first camping adventure.  I packed way too much stuff but I pretty much do that all the time.  I had made the mistake of mentioning camping the Friday before we left.  So, Vera asked each morning if it was camping time.  On Tuesday when I said yes, she was SO EXCITED!

Two Cars worth of stuff! LOL

The first day it was going to just be Vera, myself, my sister and her kids.  Then on Wednesday, the rest of the gang would head up.  That included my sister’s husband, our friend J and her family and our friend V and her family.  When we got there, there we claimed our sites and unloaded the cars.  The kids were so good being patient waiting for us to finish.  Soon as we did, we swimsuited up and hit the lake.

Camping is right on the water

On Wednesday the kids played and played and the adults had fun too.  I spent my day tugging Vera around in her boat or watching her swim or throwing her up and down and practicing putting our goggles on and looking under water.  We had smores and told stories by the campfire.  Thursday was much of the same thing.

Playing hard wore my little girl out!

Friday came and the kids played a bit in the morning and by lunch they were pooped and ready to head home to take a shower.

Waiting for us to finish packing so they can head home!

We got home Friday and Saturday we had a party to go to.  So, even though we were exhausted we made our way and ended up having a great time.  Monday came before we knew it and it was back to our normal routine.  We spent Sunday catching up on the Olympics and Vera is now in full “nymnastics” mode.  She watches everything they do and tries to replicate it.  We cheer for Russia and we cheer for the USA.  I admit I was very happy when Russia won a gold last night on the bars.  Prior to camping, I had signed Vera up at the new gymnastics school that opened Aug 1 by our house.  We missed the first class but we will there tomorrow.  She can’t wait and I can’t either!

Until next time!




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