One Year Home Pictures

Well, I had to take some special one year home pictures of my sweet Vera.  She enjoys the camera most of the time.  Though some days, she will stop, look at me and say, “no pictures Mommy” while shaking her hands.  So, in those moments I stop and give her the space she needs.

I made a pretty big deal over her one year family day.  I think for me (I don’t know if it is like this for others) the day is so meaningful because that day it all became real.  For me, it was more like her birth day.  Of course we will celebrate her actual birthday in October, but this day just means more to me.  I wasn’t there the day she was born in October 2009.  Anyway, we made a pretty big deal of it and Vera loved every minute of it. She even insisted on candles for her cake.

Leading up to our one year, there was a lot of reminiscing and she seemed to express more talk about Russia.  Repeating her story of how mommy came to get her (which I tell her).  And adding things like “I sad Russia”, “Babies cry Russia”.  She can look at pictures and distinguish those that were in Russia, and those that were not.  She doesn’t seem to remember the caretakers as she will look at them and ask, who that is.  OR maybe she does and there is confusion with referring to them previously as Mama and now she has me?  I don’t know.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our day and spent it with family and close friends. Fall is here (though it has been in the high 90’s the past few days) and pumpkin patches are open.  Vera is excited to go to the two we pass each day.  Birthday Party Plans are in the works and I need to get invites out this week.  Better get busy!

In the meantime, here are some pictures I took of Vera to celebrate her One Year Family Day…


5 thoughts on “One Year Home Pictures

  1. Vera is adorable! Speaking of Russia, I’d venture to suggest that her birth grandma or great aunt was Vera, too and Verochka was named after someone in her birth family… It’s an old fashioned name and you won’t meet a lot of little Veras these days.

  2. Beautiful pictures. As an adopted person it is so nice to see a special day made for her. Growing up we always had our “anniversary” and had a special dinner and cake and 1 gift. All 3 of us felt very special on our special anniversary.

  3. Hi Tracey, I love the pictures of your daughter Vera! I just wanted to say hi; you added our blog to your list of Russia adoption blogs and you commented on our blog. Yes, we do live in Nor Cal, in the Sacramento area 🙂 We’re hoping to get our referral soon for our little girl!

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